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Windows 8 versions and price of Windows 8.1 revealed

Microsoft revamped its operating system with what is called the metro theme, this is a deviation from the usual style we have known Microsoft for. The windows 8 comes in four variants.


Four version of the windows 8

Windows 8

This is the standard build of the Windows 8, it comes in x32 or x64, it will be saved to say that the windows 8 has some limitations. You will need to upgrade it to a professional version that is the pro to connect to your work or school domain. You cannot connect remotely to your PC from another desktop with this version. It does not have the BitLocker data protection.

Windows 8 Pro

This is a more advanced version of the windows 8 basic edition, it has 3 distinct features the Windows 8 does not have.

1. Can connect to a domain. Either work, school or corporate.

2. Has BitLocker data protection

3. Allows remote connection to other PCs.

It has similar functions to windows ultimate and Windows 7 Professional, It can also be upgraded to have Windows Media Centre which is not available in Windows 8. It is ideal for corporate, educational and business people.

Windows 8 Enterprise

This edition is for technical people and developers alike, it has all the features of the windows 8 pro expect the ability to upgrade and add Windows Media Centre. It is used by Technet and Microsoft Developer Network Subscribers. Though the future of Technet is bleak, Microsoft will continue to serve its Windows 8 Enterprise Customers.

Windows RT

When Microsoft released its Surface tablet the device came with its own operating system the Windows RT, though Microsoft has since upgraded the OS for the Surface tablets. It is currently made to suite Tablet PC’s, the operating system can only run apps and software from the Microsoft store and it does not support Domain connection.


Upgrading the Previous version of windows to windows 8

Not all version of windows can be upgraded to windows 8,

The Windows 7 Pro cannot be upgraded to windows 8 and RT.

The Windows 7 enterprise can only be upgraded to Windows 8 Enterprise

The Windows 7 ultimate can only be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro

The Windows 7 Basic, Starter and Premium can be upgraded to Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8.1 Versions

There are two versions of the window 8.1 available for download.

1. Windows 8.1

2. Windows 8.1 Pro

However, users of Windows 8 Pro can upgrade to windows 8.1 pro free while users of Windows 8 can upgrade to windows 8.1. I am not sure if the Windows 8.1 Pro version can be used to upgrade the Windows 8 standard.

Prices of the Windows 8.1

Previous customers using Windows 8 and 8 Pro can upgrade for free while Windows 7 users will have to buy the new Windows 8.1 at the same price the windows 8 and windows 8 pro goes for in the market. That is $119.00 and $199.99 respectively.

Upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 8.1 pro will be available for $99. A clean install will be required for Windows XP and Vista customers. However, Windows 7 users will need to reinstall their desktop apps.

Will these moves save Microsoft from a disappointing sale, and how do you view this new developments and changes?

Windows 8 versions

Download an ISO copy of the Windows 8.1 released to Developers and IT professional – Microsoft Windows 8.1

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