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No Wifi Games Free for Android and IOS – Ultimate Guide for 2019

Internet connection is required to play most game apps today, this is due to the fact that building a cloud based app is a popular thing now. The cloud based functionality enables developers to create a back end for the game application in their own preferred language. There are many benefits for having a WiFi dependent game from a developers perspective.

However, a no WiFi game is essential in the world where internet connectivity is still not widespread, and the cost of connection is also very high in several places.  It is important to have games that can be played offline without WiFi connection. The case may also be that the internet access is controlled, and there is no internet service connection. It is quite important that the No WiFi Games also have dual capacity, the ability to connect to the internet and update your data, especially scores, level, achievements, and perks. This is useful in a scenario where you have to play on multiple devices and platforms.

The question is which games are the best No WiFi Games that are available for Android and IOS, essentially games that does not need internet connection. It will be safe to consider offline games that can be play on Android and IOS, followed by individual mobile operating system.

No WiFi Games for Free on Android and IOS

The following below are the Free Games Without WiFi, they can be play on Android or IOS, this is ideal if you will be offline for a long period of time. The quality of these games are good, they are mostly some of the top ranking apps in the games category of the Android and IOS store.

Subway Surfers

It has seen several updates and features added, it is a very popular game among children and adults alike. The game helps with attention, reflex movement, and goal completion. You collect Gold coins has run and avoid obstacles along your path. This game can be played offline for free, you do not need a WiFi connection for Subway Surfers.

You can download it on your Android or IOS devices.

Temple Run 2

This game is very similar to the Subway Surfers the major difference is the scene and settings. It involves running and collection Gold Coins while avoiding obstacles. This game can also be played without WiFi connection for free. The game has some special components, collecting the gold coins helps you upgrade to a better character with special abilities and moves.

The game can easily soak you in, having the offline feature makes it robust and easy to play. It allows you to play for long hours without Internet connection.

You can download this game on your IOS and Android based smartphones. Once you have done that you can play the game with or without WiFi connection.

Candy Crush

This is one of the best all time brick blasting games, it is quite interesting and fun to play. There are different levels and stages with their own challenges and difficulty level.  Some of the stages or levels may be easy while some are hard to crack. This game can be play without WiFi connection and it is free. It also have an online capability to sync your scores across other devices that has candy crush. This means you need to login into the make the sync work, the offline capacity does not affect your enjoyment of the game.

This No WiFi Game is available on Android and iOS

Smash Hit

This is a about hitting steel balls against glass, you aim is to smash the glass. However, as your speed increases the chances of breaking the glass becomes more difficult. The surface you smash the steel ball against changes to different ones has you progress along the game. The offline ability of this games means you do not need WiFi to play the game.

The game itself is so surreal, with amazing 3D features and effect, almost realistic. The quality of the game production is good and it can be played on both Android and IOS.

Hungry Shark Evolution

This game is a classical concept of the hunter and the hunted. You must hunt smaller sea creatures, while you avoid the real predators. The longer you stay clear of the predators the more points you accumulate. The game is about the sea world or large aquarium life. You can play this can without WiFi for free, it is available on Android and IOS Stores.

Infinity Loop

This is a game that will test you decision making ability, how to premeditate moves and technical skills. The game can be play with no WiFi for free on either Android or IOS. Keep forming shapes with infinity loops, while avoiding breaks.

Badland – Action Adventure No Wifi Game

This thrilling action adventure game is one of the most popular games you can play without WiFi online. You want a nice adventure game that has high quality scene and does not involve blasting, breaking and blowing up stuff. This is the game for you.  You need to figure out what is wrong with the jungle habitation and fix it. You may can play it online or offline on IOS and Android devices.

Minion Rush – Despicable Me

This is a family friendly adventure packed action game with over 10 million global players. The games popularity is partly due to the offline capability. It is one of the trendiest No WiFi game after the famed movie Despicable Me. This game involves racing and getting perks, dodging obstacles, and changing costumes. Unlock other running Minions, use the special powers each custom gives. And keep playing even without Wifi Connection on your phone.

Angry Birds – Classic, 2, Go, Rio, and Star Wars

This is one of the best pioneer games to gross million of users worldwide, the fame of Angry birds created the emergence of character based games. The Angry bird series involves racing for Go, Arcade for Rio and Adventure for Star Wars. These different versions can be played without WiFi connection for Android and iOS.

Unblock Me – Free Version

This has a free No WiFi need version that is fully offline. This game is a puzzle game that allows players to unravel challenges by freeing a block that is trapped. You need to slide other blocks out of the way to free the red block sandwiched between other blocks. The game is addictive and fun to play, it helps boosts problem solving abilities and puzzle solving skills.

These are some of the best No WiFi Games you can play on Android and IOS, the offline capabilities of these games makes it easy for players to enjoy the games without connectivity breaks or interruptions. The games listed are all free to download, though some might have a premium version or in app purchase.

Which of the No WiFi Games above do you like the most, let have your comment below.




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