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JARVIS + SHIELD Interface : Do-it-yourself Rainmeter Skin Installation

JARVIS + SHIELD Interface: Do-it-yourself Rainmeter Skin Installation is for experienced hands or curious mind only.

Rainmeter Skin Plugins to be used for the configuration of the desktop skin.

Wallpaper: Various Google Image searches edited in Photoshop ([link] . [link] . [link])

Main Skin Package: “Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D OS Ver1.1.1” ~Daelnz ([link])

Iron Man Arc Reactor: “Tony Stark Theme” ~Knovocaine ([link])

Weather Skin: “Alien skin for Rainmeter” ~Mic831 ([link])

J.A.R.V.I.S Analog Clock: “Arcs” ~Kaelri ([link])

To Do List / Notes: “Rainmeter – Space” ~naahburack ([link])

Battery: “Flyaway for rainmeter” ~crucafix ([link])

Disk, System, Network: “Illustro” ~Rainmeter ([link])

Power Level: “Helmut HUD Theme v2.0” ~Knovocaine ([link])

Week Calendar: “LEXIS” ~Kenz0 ([link])

Author: edreyes

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