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Kik Messenger Online Login for Windows PC and Mac [Updated]

The Kik messenger online login for PC is so easy to manage and use, it is convenient, fast and reliable. The fact that you will save your phone’s battery is welcomed. With over 200 million users worldwide you cannot afford to be left in the conversation. Helen’s story was the opposite, until she found solution to our challenge.

Helen: “I had a lovely conversation with some old friends I ran into recently, I was so engrossed that I almost forgot my appointment for the day. Before leaving the group, one of them suggest we continue the conversation on Kik messenger, I was glad for a moment until I remember I cannot use my cell phone at work.”

I thought she could have moved on to other platforms, there is Skype, Wechat, Facetime and Facebook Messenger, analyzing her situation again she could have installed the Kik messenger for PC to continue the conversation, which I eventually suggested to her.

The problem is that Kik does not have an official app for PC neither is there any Kik messenger online for PC that does not need download. The only way out is for us to use the safest method used by some app developers themselves to text their apps before releasing them.

This method is the most suitable way to chat with Kik messenger on PC, it works for Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS.

Quick Facts on Kik Messenger Online

  • Your Kik username is what you need for the Kik Messenger for pc.
  • Your have access to all the features on Kik App.
  • You can share videos and images on Kik Online.
  • Enjoy your conversation while enjoying the full access to the PC features.
  • You can now send videos from your gallery.
  • Phone numbers are not required just your username.
  • Status update can be seen instantly by all friends on Kik
  • Videos received can be saved
  • Videos can be viewed on your chat screen
  • You can chat with a public group using an hashtag
  • You can decide who you want to talk to.

Kik Online Login for Windows 7 / 8 Video

The method seen in the video is the demonstration of the Kik Messenger online active on a PC, this works for both windows 7 and 8 Computer, you can also have it on Mac operating system.

  • To start download Bluestacks.
  • Once the download is complete run the executable file, subsequent instructions are self-explanatory. Accept the terms and conditions, click on next until the process is completed.
  • Start the newly  installed Bluestacks. – What blue stack does is to make app run smoothly on your desktop.
  • Search for Kik and install. Once done, continue with the installations and settings.
  • When you have completed that, you can now Login to your Kik Messenger using your username.

Currently you cannot send videos and audio messages on bluestacks and it does not have a desktop push notifications.

If you’re a not a fan of Bluestacks there are three other methods you can use.

Kik for PC without the use of Bluestacks

Taking Kik to your pc is so easy now with the use of Android Emulators,  Andy the Android Emulator helps you to do so seamlessly. The features are so cool and installation is easy with the walk-through I am going to share with you.

Why should you go with Andyroid?

  • It runs on a full Android Interface.
  • Android has access to local file.
  • Full ARM support.
  • It has desktop push notification.
  • You can run apps from your desktop.
  • You can use both the Camera and Microphone on your PC.
  • Did I mention that you can use your phone as a game controller.

Check out this image if you a still not convinced.


This is another image featuring a whatsapp chat module. See how you can use whatsapp chat on PC


To get Kik Messenger on your PC.

  • Install and run Andyroid on your PC.
  • Go through the installation step, accept the terms and click next until you are asked to login to your Google play account, a basic google account will connect you to the Google play account.
  • Select the option to sync your google play account with Andyroid, for fuller screen feature select emulate tablet.
  • Click on the Google play iconon Andyroid to search for Kik app, once there select, download and install. Follow through other installation process and you are now connected to Kik online.
  • To insert Kik Messenger on your PC’s desktop, right click on the icon and send to desktop to create a shortcut.

KIK online Login no download for PC

Having your PC run on android engine is possible with Manymo without the need to download any software, it is dubbed the developers test engine. This allows developers to run their android apps for test and see the full feature. It has both paid and free features, the free feature is used up leaving subscribers to the paid feature.

Android emulator

It has a more advanced feature such as:

  • It can run apps on your desktops and your websites as well.
  • Does not need software download to run.
  • You can have the apps launched on different screen sizes.
  • Best for developers and folks who prefer developers features.

Sign up with Manymo to experience a more advanced feature and access.

Kik Messenger Online Login using Youwave

Based on what it does YouWave is an Android Emulator based on VirtualBox, enabling users to run Android applications on Windows. It is a not a free service it has a one time cost of $19.99, but has a 10 day free trail.

To login online to Kik on PC using Youwave, you need to have a system that does not have a virtualbox installed. You need to have a system with at least Pentium 1.6GHz, 1.5GB DRAM, 500MB and Win XP.


  • Run non-ARM apps
  • Ability to connect via proxy
  • User friendly data backup
  • Operates on Android 4.0.4 Version
  • PC folder sharing
  • International keyboard language support
  • Multiple users per PC.
  • ADB debuggability

Official Limitations

Apps that have ARM native code, need Flash, require hardware sensors, or use closed source APIs, are not supported.
Some applications are not officially supported by their vendors on platforms other than phones.

Other Limitations

  • It does not run on Mac OSX
  • It does not have sensor integration
  • Communication tools absent, camera and microphone features.

What is Kik – The magic of its creation

This beautiful app was developed by a group of students of the University of Waterloo in 2008, it as the first messenger app and soon gained instant popularity. Considering it is a Canadian export, it establishes Canada has the go to place for secure messaging communication bay considering the success of Blackberry in this space.

Though Blackberry was its first home, it was ejected due to over-popularity and the risk it might drown BBM messenger. One of the critical factors to an apps success is speed, security and stability, this and more has mad Kik messenger a success.

There are concerns over exchange of explicit images by under-ages circulating on the Kik Network, this is currently been addressed through advanced filtering. Though it may not be perfect now, the developers are working on it.

Kik Messenger is most stable, simple and fastest chat tool that almost every Smartphone user have experienced. Using Kik you can send text, images, video, smileys, sketches and many more.

Kik Messenger Online for Mac OSX

Mac OSX users can use Kik messenger online using any of the options below:

  1. Bluestacks – They now have features that support the use of Kik Messenger on Mac OSX
  2. Manymo – This is the best platform to use for Mac OSX, it does not need a software, all you need to do is to login to the Manymo platform and you are on.
  3. Andyroid – This is a free platform that has Mac OSX support and compatibility, users can download and run Kik on their Mac OSX PC with Andyroid.


Alternatives to Kik Messengers on PC

Skype: This is a robust communication platform that allows almost everything, it has a web-based and desktop platform for PC’s. Skype is a product of Microsoft, it is available also on tablets and mobile devices.

Wechat: This app has an official web-based platform for PC users, it is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows and other operating system. You can also download wechat on Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, Apple store and Google play store. to use we chat on your PC.

The coolest feature is the QR code that allows you to scan with your mobile phone to get access to wechat.

What is your thought on Kik Messenger for PC

Kik is loved by over 200 million users and counting, experiences on the platform differs, however I will like to know some of the challenges you may have with Kik messenger online login for windows pc and mac osx. What you will like to see. I have provided some references below and in between the post to read more interesting topics on apps and Kik messenger online.

Reported Issues:

  • Absence of Log out button on Kik.
  • Need to replace the reset button.
  • Ability to identify fake accounts and spammers.
  • Need for more color options.

What will you like to see on Kik.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Thanks to Wikipedia for the history of Kik Messenger, Bluestacks for the video. User based reviews from Apple store

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