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Best 10 Unblocked Music Sites for Schools and Office

Unblock music in your domain, using this sites to unlock music in schools and office. Music is spiritual, it connects the body and the soul. Blocking music sites in schools and offices can be annoying. Find 10 unblock music sites for schools and offices

The need to enjoy unblocked music sites in school and office brought you here. There are free and paid unblock music sites, you will find here the best 10 you will enjoy.

When you are having a free internet connection at your office or school can be convenient but the likelihood of some restrictions to be put in place to prevent users from accessing some websites. If your work or school network admin has blocked some sites you will see a message displayed on the page to let you know the site has been blocked or unavailable.

Mostly music sites are common websites that are in the list of blocked websites by the network administrator. Well not to bother there are ways to bypass such restrictions and you can listen to your favourite album or songs online while you are in your school or while you are in your workplace.


Why Unblocked Music Sites

It is understandable employers try to block music site so has employees can focus on their work and avoid distractions and also school resources can be used for educational purposes and to avoid students been distracted while studying. Because schools know that student will waste more time listening to music online.

Best 10 Unblocked Music Sites for Schools and Office

Most of the sites commonly blocked by the office or school network administrators are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Movie and Music website to avoid staff or student distractions and time wasting. If you are one of those that drive energy listening to music while studying or working then I have good news for you.

I will be giving you the best unblocked music website for Office or Schools.


Grooveshark is one of the best unblocked music sites that you have on the internet. It is a powerful music streaming website that you can play your favourite songs, or listen to your favourite album or Artists and you can even create your own personalised playlist. You can also search for your favourite genres.

Grooveshark also has radio channels where you will be able to listen to your favourite channels. Get access to free unblocked music tracks and listen to radio channels all free from your devices like your personal computers, smartphones or tablets.


PureVolume is quite my favourite, I will say the name was not just given without a reason because it says it all. Using Purevolume even allow users to upload their own song or music track that you have recorded yourself and can also listen to other users recorded album or songs.

The homepage is designed in such a way that makes your search easy and the music is categorised like top downloads, top albums, top songs etc and even browse your favourite artist.


Slacker is just another wonderful website, it won’t ask you register before use or log in and you can access your music without time wasting but you can register to have some more features like the genre, artist and track information. It has included 200 radio channels for users which provide a soothing experience for users. There are some of the stations that permit comedy and sports fans to access their great contents. Their service is available for free and also offers a subscription service.


This is quite a good niche for music lovers to have access to great music that is actually licensed. And also you can share your favourite music tracks with family and friends while you are listening to it on your social media page. The soundzabound has a large library that is well connected to a huge database.

You can find virtually all the great tracks of your choice without much stress. It is even best for students because they will have access to free power point presentations , music, web designing , yearbook, digital storytelling and also some visual media projects.


Clearlydrunk is a secure, fast SSL proxy that allows users to browse any of their music sites at a very fast speed. It can let you access any blocked site for free it works just like another proxy server. It allows you to protect yourself from identity theft and encrypt a URL, encrypt pages and allows cookies, and it removes objects or scripts while you accessing a page.


Songarea is one of the oldest unblocked music sites, the website interface might not be eye catchy but at least this is another good unblocked site that you might like. The website is mostly unblocked in most places like schools, workplaces or even churches. You can search for any popular music all for free.

Jamendo Music

If you are looking for unblocked music site that allows listening and at the same time download then Jamendo music is the answer.The web page layout might not look that eye catchy but it will fulfil your desired need of getting the best music streaming and downloads.

The website has an inbuilt music player and you can control the music track just the same way you control your music player. It is free but if you need a High-quality music file then you will need to purchase a premium license and also a free download.


This site has a number of music database for users who love listening to songs. The website has a dark background but the website is well arranged and layout. The online streaming is free, but if you want the MP3 version you will have to part with some little amount of money.

Music Choice

This is lovely designed web page and also one of the best-unblocked music sites and it has a free music streaming that will suit your need. It has a good website layout in a dark colour and you will see most popular songs scrolling automatically on your screen, it has a wonderful list of music from most popular artist, album and genres. I bet it is unlocked in all schools and offices.


This is another website that you can make use of free if your school or work network has blocked access to the music site. It has a good collection of latest and as well old songs that you will like in their database. You can easily find most of the popular songs and artist on their homepage.

Registering is not compulsory for Hulkshare but if you register and login you will be able to explore a more new collection of music which are limited to registered users. And they also have a feature that allows the public to upload their recorded songs and share with other users and showcase your talent to the world.

Work Around Trick – Master Music Unblocker

This work around trick requires connectivity, CyberGhost works for movies, music and practically all blocked sites. It gives you unrestricted access to all blocked sites. As long as you can download Cyberghost app on your computer or mobile phone, you are up.

Just 1 click on the streaming service you want to unblock and you’re good to go. Guaranteed to work – no more frustration, no more wasted time, just sit back and enjoy your favorite music, movies and TV shows.

If you cannot download Cyberghost, use an unblocked internet connection to download the app on your phone or flash drive. For mobile users install it on your mobile and launch it to unblock music sites and more. For computers if you cannot download it, download cyberghost on an open connection to a flash drive. Then install on the preferred computer.

Download Cyberghost here

This post is a contribution from an author, please if you find any broken link on the Best 10 Unblocked Music Sites for Schools and Office. Please let us know about it in the comment section.

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