Windows 8 theme for Windows 7 – Transformation Packs.

Lets face it, you need a transformation pack to make your windows 7 look like windows 8. The pack is available for you to download free, however you need to understand the basic installation process to ensure you do it well.

A previous post have been written to deal with this issue you can refer to Window 8 and 8.1 transformation pack.

Here we would go through the installation process.

You will need to use the Universal Theme Patcher tool. After you run it, patch the three needed files and Reboot. Once you have done that download Windows 8 RTM theme bundle from places like deviantART.

Once downloaded, unzip the file and personalize. Be careful, the sky mail fall if you run into any itches with the theme. It is not fail safe, be warned.

You will also need to change the explore buttons, to do this, you will need to replace the ExplorerFramer.dll both in System32 and SYSWOW64 folders. However, this is not a simple thing, as you will need special permissions for that. Running Windows Explorer or command prompt as administrator will not be enough. You will have to take ownership of relevant files using additional registry hacks, and even then, the files might be in use, so your change will fail.

Simply boot into a Linux live session and do your regular copies there, without any fuss or permission problems. Download a free windows 8 icon and use Orb Start Menu Changer to change the windows icon.

Edit boot splash by editing the windows 7 boot updater configuration tool.

There is more to the process, if it is too long I will advice you automate it, however be warned; there is a risk to that.

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