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Review of Gmail.com, Gmail Login, Sign up and Verification

We are going to review the Gmail.com login process and the entire user experience.

Please Note: This is not the Official Gmail Site for signing up a new account or Gmail.com Login Page. 

This topic is essentially a guide to help new users, based on experiences and practices of the Author. You may find details on the Gmail.com website to be more useful if the scope of our discussion below is not what you seek. If you need support kindly use the support or help feature on the official website of Gmail, we are only going to provide a review and gloss over common issues with user experience.

We are only providing a review on Gmail and common issues and solutions to them. We strongly recommend you visit www.gmail.com for more information on the topic.

The birth of an email service

As it is with most software and web services, Google launched an invite only beta release of its new email service on the 1st of April, 2004 and made it open to the public 4 years after on the February 7, 2007, it was later upgraded from beta release two years after the release to the public.

The service received a lot of acceptance, and enjoyed an unprecedented growth that rivals that of its predecessors. For so many reasons it is the preferred email service of the majority.

Factors that ensured growth in the first decade after launch of the service include the following:

  1. Runs Ajax
  2. Attachment Limited to 25MB
  3. Up to 1 GB Storage Capacity

Like Yahoo’s email services they adopted a Freemium model, which is maintained by advertisements. It was a very successful product for Google, and widely accepted by corporate entities and people.

Benefits of using Gmail Account

There are several companies providing email services, we have the MSN email services using the following brands; hotmail.com, live.com, msn.com and outlook.com. This services are all Free and mostly ad-supported. There is the AOL with aol.com, Yahoo with ymail, yahoomail and rocketmail.com. With all the competitors and their advantages why then do you need to sign up a new account with Gmail.

  • Currently Gmail.com has a well tabbed interface, it separates your mail into 3 basic parts, social mail – for social media emails, promotion emails – from email marketers and your basic email interface.
  •  It has 99.9 instant delivery rate of emails sent, and most personal and business emails don’t get spammed.
  • 15 GB Storage capacity for emails and document attached.
  • Integration with other Google apps, Google docs, Google hangout, Google drive  and Google Plus.
  • Labels for proper categorization of emails.
  • Pop out email compose feature, that includes emoticons, Google Drive, among other features.
  • Beautiful email interface themes,
  • Easy to set up web clients for desktop and mobile devices.
  •  Aside from the email services, gmail has a task and contact feature.
  • Gmail offers the best option for email management.

Gmail Login Using Email Account

Type www.gmail.com on your browser’s url bar.

A new page will open asking you to enter your email address.

Input your email address and press next.

If the email addresses added does not work. Check if the address is correct and also if  the suffix is properly added xxx@gmail.com. Emphasis on the Gmail.com. If you have forgotten your username or password you need help.

Click on the Need help? below the next button.

gmail login password recovery

You will be given 3 recovery options.

  1. I don’t know my password
  2. I don’t know my username
  3. I’m having other problems signing in.
Forgot your username: You will need to give either your alternate or recovery email address or phone number to recover your username.
Once you fill out the proper option, you will enter user first and last name.
Click on I am not a robot to fill the CAPTCHA answer.
Then submit.
Forgot Password: You need to fill out your email address for the account, or the recovery email account.
You will be prompted to enter the last password you remember. You can continue or click on I don’t know.
You will be asked to select between sending a verification code to your phone via text or voice call or to your recovery email address.
Once you select your option a code will be sent to your assigned choice.
Enter the code in the Pin box to verify and go ahead to reset your password.
I’m having other problems signing in: Enter your Gmail.com login username to go ahead,youwill be asked to pick among 7 options.

Please select the best option that best resolves your issue:

  • I forgot my password
  • I think someone else is using my account
  • I forgot my username
  • I know my username and password, but I can’t sign in
  • I can’t reset my password via SMS
  • I use a Google Apps account
  • I’m having trouble with 2-step verification

You will be asked 2 to 5 questions before your issue is resolved.

Create a new account on Gmail.com Login Page

This is quite straight forward, you will have to follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you have a pen and paper to record your responses.

Type www.gmail.com on your browser url address bar.

You will notice create account under the sign in or login box.

Select it and answer the set of questions that follows.

Fill in the following details.

  • First and Last Name
  • Choose your username, it will prompt its availability.
  • Create and confirm your password
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Mobile Phone
  • Your current email address if any
  • Proof you are not a robot by solving the CAPTCHA.
  • Pick your location and agree to the terms and condition
  • After click on the next step, follow the instructions and cross check the details.
  • Once it all done your new account will be opened and you will see a welcome email.

Two step verification for Gmail

The two-step verification is a security system that protects your email account with a password and your designated phone number.

How it works.

Once you enter you email username and password, press enter

A message asking for a code verification or pin. This verification code or pin will be sent to your phone via text, voice or mobile app.

If you have a security key, you can insert into the computer through the USB port.

You have the option of assigning your personal PC to ask for the two-step verification once, if you try to login via another system it will prompt for the verification pin or security key.

Solving problem with Gmail Account.

With the advent of apps for mobile phones and PC the challenges have doubled also. Most of the challenges you have are already solved on the Gmail site.

To Log out of Gmail account page

Click on your email address at the top right corner of your screen. The pop will show the sign out button.

This is the much we can take on Gmail.com login process, an update will come if you have shared areas of concerns that needs to be solved. To get a lot of this done, sign in to www.gmail.com

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