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Facetime for Windows PC 10/8.1/8/7

Facetime is one of the most popular and convenient communication app on Apple store. The efficiency of the app has made the demand for Facetime for Windows PC to increase drastically, though Apple intends to make it the standard communication tool for all at a time, Facetime is still closed officially to non-apple product users.

facetime for windows


Is Facetime for Windows Possible.

After checking with Apple and other websites that offer some form of facetime download, I was almost concluding that Facetime for PC is not achievable at the moment.

I have tried using iPadian emulator, after installing iPadian I was excited that I might have found a solution to the Facetime issues, I soon learnt that it has limited features and access. Though I was able to use it for many other wonderful things you would find in other articles by me.

I found a very unique method that is adopted possibly by a few people, I am letting out the secret to you now. Before I go further let me bring to your attention an important variable that you must know before you begin the process.

Facts about Facetime on Windows PC

Facetime was bought by Apple from Facetime Communication, the company has since changed its name to prevent conflict.

Facetime is now available for Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, Mac Air, and Mac.

It was first released on the 24th of June, 2010 for the iOS and the Mac version on the 24th of February, 2011.

It can work on iOS 4 and latter version and on Mac OSX 1.6.6.

The front facing camera is optimized to capture images and video.

It is known to work with wifi only for a long time, before the discovery of the compatibility with 3G and 4G LTE.

It only allows two-way communication, if you pick a new call it would disconnect the existing call. In other words it does not support video conferencing.

Facetime provides secure and encrypted communication between the receiver and sender.


Common issues when Facetime is not working.

Check if you are using the correct Apple ID, and email address.

If your system microphone or webcam is faulty, you might have trouble with the videos, or with the audio.

Go to preference to check if Facetime is on or off.

Check if your internet connection is working, see if you have your wifi turned on or your network provider supports 3G and 4G LTE.

Verify that your account details is activated, check to make sure that your email address is verified.

Your system time and date can affect your activation and connection.

Installing Facetime on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC

As I mentioned earlier, I have tried several methods. But this one works has of the time I am writing, I will constantly check if it is still valid. Let me run the process with you below.

To start you need to download and install PearPC [not working now], it installs Mac OSX platform on your windows PC. This is the natural environment for Facetime.

  • Click on the Link PearPC [not working now]to download the application, extract the file and run on your windows PC.

Download the hard disk image to use with the PearPC application.

  • A preformated hard disk image can be downloaded on PearPC Disk [not working now].
  • Two sizes are available the 6GB and 3GB, the 6GB is for the full installation which I would recommend. If you are low on space you can install the 3GB ensure your uncheck components you do not need while the installation is going on.
  • Uncompress your downloaded file using RAR and save it on your dedicated folder on your desktop.

Obtain the images of your client OS installation disk.

  • At this stage you need to get the installation disk for Mac OS, if you have a copy that is fine, you can also create one.
  • Make a copy of your Mac OSX installation in iso format.
  • To do this use a disc creator software. Like Ashampoo, Cyberlink, and Nero.
  • Save your file in DVD and name file as xxxxx.iso

Next step is to configure the hard disk image with the operating system image.

  • Create a configuration file manually or automatically using the PearPC control panel [not working now]
  • Using the PearPC control panel makes it easier for users, start by launching the file and click on the create new configuration file, after click next.
  • Select the file where your want the program to run from, you can select my document, downloads or desktops.
  • Click to select the hard disk image location on your windows PC, select an icon to use during installation
  • Set the memory size you want to allocate to the Mac OSX.
  • Click next to continue, avoid checking enable networking, set the video and image settings.
  • Name your configuration file, then click to finish.

By now you have completed the installation of hard disk image, it time to install the mac osx. Get the disc and license number ready.

From the last page showing the Mac OSX logo, check CD Drive is installed select the file on DVD to run Mac OSX.

Click on the Apple logo to start the installation procedure. Follow the installation path, restart the files and application and that is it for the installation of Mac OSX on your windows PC.

Installing the Facetime for PC

Go to the Apple store and search for facetime, paid version cost $0.99.

Download Facetime from the store and install. Once installation is concluded add contacts and Apple ID to continue on Facetime.

Go to Settings and tap FaceTime.

Turn on FaceTime and tap “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime.”

Sign into Facetime with your Apple ID and password.

Choose which email addresses and phone numbers you want people to use to contact you for FaceTime calls.

facetime for pc

Other option for having Facetime for PC


The closest to having iOS application and features on your PC is by using iPadian, this application has limited functionalities. You will be impressed with the Mac OSX interface, however some features you would expect to see is not absent.

iPadian is one application, I would be monitoring for updates. I would urge you to-do so also.

To install iPadian.

Download iPadian, Extract the file and install.

Once it installed, run the software and take it for a spin.

The software does not work download Facetime for Windows PC.

Alternatives to Facetime for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7

I write this for those who think it is not worth the stress, going through the installation and configuration process of getting Facetime for Windows. To communicate seemlessly via video chat there are a good number of alternatives that works better than Facetime.

The alternatives below works for both Windows and Mac OSX systems.

Skype: This is probably the most flexible video chat app, it is compatible with most desktop, tablet and mobile operating system. It is free and has a good rating.

Wechat: Is available on desktop, tablet and mobile device. It allows video calling, chats and it is relatively cool to use.

Google Hang out: This is designed by google to complement google plus, it is fast gaining popularity and it also integrates to YouTube. The platform is robust and has a very high quality video chat features, you can initiate a video call right from your gmail account.

If you have challenges with the installation or wish to share your opinion. I will be interacting answering your questions via the comment below.

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