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GTA 6 Release Date and News – PS4, xbox one and PC

GTA 6 release date has not been confirmed officially, however there are speculations that it might be released in the year 2016 or 2017. The news around the release of GTA 6 has been on for a while now.

The GTA 5 is still at its growth stage, recently the developers blocked some bugs that allow players to cheat the system. Having another release now might affect the brand and make the product lose steam. Majority of the players are yet to get a full grasp of the GTA 5.

The likely GTA 6 release date.

This is not known officially it will be dangerous to predict when the game will be released. It may come out next month, next year or the one after, what can be confirmed is that the developers are working on a new version.

The latest GTA 6 is in works, the concept and idea is make a game that will be an improvement of the former version. It is at this stage that challenges faced with earlier versions are corrected and suggestions put into consideration before launch.

One other reason that delays launch is bugs and poor game testers rating. This can even delay the release by another year, depending on the gravity of the challenges identified.

Rockstar Games president Leslie Benzies, is optimistic that the release will be a better version. They are focused on an online version of the GTA, and no word on the GTA 6 release date. Users however speculate that their may be a name change, till then we keep our fingers crossed.

Features to include in GTA 6

New game site might be introduced, with new names, while a new range of vehicles will be introduced.

Female Protagonist Option

The developers have this idea of having a female protagonist and a lot of fans are also eager to have one. All the protagonist now are male and no female power to head the coalition.

If they will eventually adopt this, then I would say thumbs up to the developers and lucky fans.

Old School Feel

As it is in fashion so it is in other areas of life, the 1960 and 1970 retro feel. If the plot and scene changes, then we might be seeing new missions, weapons and vehicles. The retro feel and look is a demand from gamers who have made this request on popular forums and blogs.

It would not come has a shock if they choose to have a futuristic settings, another country or multiple countries in the map.

The changes may come to block any resemblance to the earlier GTA release that have common and known cheats. It often been said that developers leave room for game cheats, it is left for the player to find the cheat.

Graphic Effect

The use of the latest graphic engine will improve on the realism of the game, it may be 7D, or other form of graphic effect. The game should have a clear, crisp and fluid pictures. That gamers will enjoy and make realism more interesting.


The option should be expanded for players to buy their own building, renovate and updated it if necessary. The limitation to one apartment should be removed and an upgrade should be placed to allow more buildings and customization.

GTA 6 Platforms

The platforms will consist of all the legacy platform GTA has been released on before. The release date for each platform will differ, they will likely start with platform that has the most players then continue with other platforms. The GTA 6 for PC might be the last to be released.

GTA 6 release date

The GTA 6 will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC,  and by the time it has been released if a newer console comes out, they will have to develop GTA 6 on that platform.

Challenges with Xbox 360 and PS3 is the support that will be available to gamers by the time GTA 6 is released. The two consoles have known issues and limitations which prompted the released of a newer version.

With support dropping from Xbox 360 and PS3, the newer console of the Xbox series will carry the new game, same applies to PlayStation. The  GTA 6 release date might also be delayed if the newer consoles are not developed on time.

Developers will need to test this new console for bugs, compatibility and errors. The release of the PC version will come later after all other platform.

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Developing a game has several challenges and the time involved is enormous, from planning the plot, to the characters, mission, money and other assets.

It is often advised that a game should pass every test, including economic and financial test. More mission, vehicles and settings will cost a lot of money.  You should always remember that GTA 6 is not yet released and the date is neither confirmed or ascertained.

In view of this we all have to wait patiently for the new release of the Grand Theft Auto VI game. What would you like to see in the GTA 6, which platform do you want it released on first.

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