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Stepris Rainmeter Skin – Rainmeter Skin Suite for Windows

Stepris Rainmeter Skin Suite has a unique interface, to give you a quick glance at the important details and also gain access to important options. This is a solid Rainmeter Skin suite, though it has no weather widget and temperature. Other than that it works well, it has a nice music play equalizer visualizer, Notes, quick launchers, Clock, Date, and system monitoring tools.

If you are experienced with Rainmeter Skins, optimizing and adjusting this Rainmeter Suite will not be an issue. You can swap the music player without visualization with Stylish Music Player and also change the profile picture on the skin to yours.

Stepris Rainmeter Skin Suite

Stepris Rainmeter Skin Suite

To change profile picture – Thanks to Meiannethea

  • Go to Drive: C > Users Folder > Default Folder > AppData > Local > Temp
    *For some of you, you might find it in Drive: C > Users Folder > (*insert username) Folder > AppData > Local > Temp
  • Save your profile picture there
    *Picture must be .bmp
    **If your profile picture is not .bmp, you can convert your picture by editing it in Paint and saving it as .bmp
    ***You can save it in any name you want as long as it’s a .bmp image
  • After saving your profile picture in the folder, copy the URL path (which is what you see in the address bar)
    *For example, mine looks like this:
  • Right-click the profile picture skin on your desktop and click EDIT SKIN
  • Under [UserPhoto] you will see ImageName=
  • Paste the URL path
    *Mine looks like this:
  • ctrl+s or save the changes you made
  • Refresh the skin

This Rainmeter skin has been downloaded over 79,000 times, with daily download count. You can modify the non-working part of this suite or tweak it by customizing it to your own taste. This skin has been not gotten any recent update, so you may have to really be prepared to fix one or two things.

Features of the Stepris Rainmeter Suite.

    • A flat-designed taskbar having start button, music player, and battery indicator
    • A visualizer with progress bar
    • 12 hour Clock and date widgets
    • Launchers for applications
    • App name pop-out on top of the desktop
    • Custom user-friendly configuration (right-click on any skin -> Stepris Config)
    • Changeable colors
    • Supports all major media players

File size: 1.6MB

Author: T-Projects

Stepris Rainmeter Skin Suite



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