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Star Girl Game – Friend ID Share

Star Girl Game is in series, there is the Original Star Girl, Star Girl:Beauty Queen, Star Girl: Valentine Heart. This game is a test of your swag and fashion sense, if you think you got what it takes to create a fashion statement, then this is the game to play. Be that star and earn the right to have a magazine cover photo shoot, as a reward for successful hardwork.

With the different Star Girl Game series comes different requirement and scene, the beauty queen series is about the fashion runway, take part in beauty pageants and wow the judge. Climb high in the society and your new world to be the star. The Valentine heart is focused on meeting the date of your dream, it is about love and finding the perfect romantic match for you.

Star Girl Votes

You need to get the votes to rise to the top of your game, it makes perfect sense if users share there IDs and vote for each other. It is a game for girls, so keep voting for girls who rock and they in turn will vote for you. And remember the more votes you get the higher you move on the ladder scale.

The more star girl you share with friends, qualifies you for a reward in this virtual world game. Shares qualify you 2 free diamond in the game.

Star Girls IDs that return Votes

Below you will find IDs of star girls who will in turn vote for you if you vote for them.

Alina Naqvi:Hi beautiful girls plz like and vote and I will do the same 100%. ID: DPALE and USY3BG Thanks Gorgeous Girls! I Love Star girl

Coffee Mint:Please vote and like me.I will vote & like you back
ID : 7WPX8

Lê Trần Thiên Thanh:Hi beauty lady vote for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls vote for me AJ9FJ3

May Are: Plz vote me and like and I will do the same 100%.

Aliza Esley S. Canon: hey beautiful star girls!really need your votes and likes…please vote and like me…i promise to vote and like you too…thankyou!..VCLUML

You can start with the Star Girls ID shared above, you can share your request for a Star Girl vote in the comment below. I wish you all the best, hope to see at the top. Keep posting the  ID you want to share and reciprocate by voting back when you get one.

Star Girls lets do this!

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  • Add n vote her… Her ID-KTM85C

  • Gooooood

  • Hi please add and vote me and I’ll do it for you too
    Id: XWLSZL
    Thank you..

  • vote n like her
    >> Hd9ase <<

  • Hai!!..
    ? Terimakasih ?

  • LorenLoren

    Author Reply

    S2XH8H Add me, Like Me Vote Me and I’ll do the same.

  • Hi friends ~ please vote and like me: LY5NE4

  • LucyLucy

    Author Reply

    Please vote and like me? W97HYN

  • bloombloom

    Author Reply

    Hi friends .my star girl id is :897QFA. PLEASE ADD ME

  • My Star girl id:
    add me please

  • Help a girl out! Add, like, and vote me plz!!
    ID: NBFD2B

  • I’d 9LMV83