The Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service Reviews

Get a completely free reverse phone lookup with a name from the best reverse phone lookup service provider. A reverse phone directory gives you access to name, address and more information about a phone or cellular contact.

The data used for the reverse check of phone numbers are most time gotten from the web, social media sites are some of the best places to do a free reserve phone lookup. Other include services like truecaller and other related services.

Most reverse phone lookup service is paid for, most information about a cell phone or phone is stored somewhere. And getting a free reverse phone lookup may just require a basic search on Facebook Mobile, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media sites that connect with your phone data.

Free reverse phone lookup service

What is a reverse phone lookup service

This is a service provided to track a phone number, by entering the details in a reverse phone lookup search bar. The search queries a database of users and their identities, in some apps installed on mobile has access to contacts on the phone, if this is installed on a million mobile phone. The search reads through the data accessed to track the number.

Paid reverse phone lookup service

There are quite a number of paid phone lookup service, in the event you have difficulty tracking a phone number with the free service.Using the paid reverse phone lookup service might be the best option. Also, note this might work well only in a particular location.

Some premium phone lookup service include the following.

  1. Been Verified – US-based
  2. Reverse Phone Lookup – US-based
  3. Livewire – US-based
  4. Intelius – US-based

Why use a reverse phone lookup service.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a reverse phone lookup service, this is stemmed from the fact that you may need to know the identity of the bearer of the phone number. It is completely legal to track and reverse check a phone number.

There is instance when people use a strange number to call or text, you may have missed the call and you are wondering who the caller is. In a relationship scenario, a spouse or partner may be cheating and there may need to know the true identity of the person your partner calls. It is funny that names can be saved with a false identity, using a reverse phone lookup service the true identity is revealed.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service.

The top service on my list for free reverse phone lookup is Truecaller.

  1. Truecaller – This app is one of the best reverse phone lookup service provider. The offer free services, to access it you need to download the app on your mobile phone or use the desktop version.
  2. CallerSmart Reverse Lookup Phone Book + Caller ID – This app helps you investigate mystery phone numbers, and avoid unwanted calls and texts. It is a very reliable service and present in the apple store.
  3. – is a service that provides you with the information about a particular phone number, it greatly helps to retrieve caller information without necessarily having to pay for the service. Reverse searches can be done for both cell phones and landlines, however, cell phones can be much more difficult to identify.
  4. Showcaller – Caller ID & Block – This is a free reserve phone lookup service, it can help you identify unknown calls, see who is calling with Caller ID info, Block unwanted calls, stop spam & telemarketers. It is powered by a database of a billion phone numbers and millions of happy Showcaller users who depend on the app daily.
  5. True Contact – Real Caller ID – This is another wonderful service, it is similar to other free reverse phone lookup service. It does more than reveal details, it can block known spam callers, fetches details fast and it can be used in many countries.
  6. Whitepages – This list will not be complete without adding white pages, it has a huge database which contains names, phone numbers, and addresses. It is a free reverse phone lookup service and a free reverse address lookup service. The major drawback is that it works well only in the US.
  7. Pipl – This is one of the biggest free reverse phone lookup service, it is similar to white pages and also has a premium service.  Pipl is the place to find the person behind the email address, social username or phone number.

The major drawback to the use of the free reverse phone lookup is that some of the details may be wrong or corrupted. A phone number may have changed and the details contain that of the old user, also a caller might have borrowed a friends phone to call.

The chances of getting the right details is most likely a 50:50 chance, aside from this freest reverse phone lookup service also offers a premium service to check criminal records, public records and other available records of the holder of a phone number.

Another drawback is that most detail and lookup reports you get for phone numbers outside the US do not have comprehensive has the one within the US. Ideally, the reverse number lookup reports should include the identity of the caller, the carrier name, latitude and longitude, and demographic data.

Reverse Phone Lookup Service Report

This is a detailed report that includes addresses, criminal information, social media profiles and much more data that you won’t find in a phone book. You’ll know who they are, where they live, and maybe even learn their criminal history.

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