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Minecraft Download Online – Game Demo for PC Free

Play Minecraft for Free

Start playing from your browser (singleplayer) or download Minecraft instead to play online on servers. You must have Java installed, preferably the latest version. If you have problems running the game, visit our help page. To learn the basic gameplay and how to play Survival/Hardcore mode, go to our guide section.

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minecraft online demo


About Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can do virtually anything you want. Choose to play from three different modes in singleplayer: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. Or play online with friends on multiplayer servers for even more modes of exciting gameplay. Originally developed by Markus “Notch” Persson, the game sold over 11 million PC titles, and over 40 million total across its mobile and console platforms.
This is the most popular singleplayer mode when people begin trying Minecraft free. Spawn in a unique, randomly generated world with no items at all. You’ll have to find food, build shelter, and craft basic materials to survive your first night against unknown monsters. From then on, explore vast jungles, mountains, caves, dungeons, and other terrain during night or day, in all kinds of weather. Find the rarest materials to craft advanced tools, weapons, and armor needed to warp into hell-like dimensions, where you will face the strongest enemies and fight to the death against the final boss. If you die in this mode, you will respawn. This is the recommended game mode to start with.

This mode is the same as survival, except you won’t respawn after you die. This means you must start a new world after death. This one is for the more experienced, hardcore gamers, as the name of the mode may imply. Creative
Start with unlimited resources and the ability to fly. Creative mode is for players who want to mess around and build stuff, including mansions, cities, one-to-one scale replicas of real structures, or anything! The possibilities are limitless, and this mode allows you to truly express your creativity. Multiplayer Servers
The main reason people search for free Minecraft accounts is so they can play online. Joining a server allows you to play with the other millions of players around the world. Choose from all kinds of servers, including some of the most famous ones like Hunger Games, Capture the Flag, Sky Block, and more.

Minecraft now has a demo. Procrastinating excavators: you no longer have an excuse for skipping our favorite open-world game. Better yet, it has branded cows that Notch made for us. Keep in mind that these animals are specially-programmed to act as voodoo cows: when you punch them, each PC Gamer editor feels a mild thud in their chest. Be gentle.

Minecraft is a customisable beast. First, create a personalised skin or, if you’re the lazy type, download one of our favourite custom skins so you can look fly while building.

Next, install some Minecraft Mods. Minecraft is already massive, but why not add airships, muskets and Pokemon? It’s almost guaranteed fun.

Finally, check out our list of the Top Ten Minecraft creations and start building!


Download the Minecraft demo (4MB) @

Download Minecraft demo

The demo is generous: every tool, mineral and item is accessible, and you can dig, frolic, and build in your world for 90 minutes before it “locks” and becomes uneditable. You can create as many new worlds as you’d like.  Let us know what you’re making.

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