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Lenovo PC Suite and USB Drivers Free Download

Lenovo PC Suite and USB Drivers Free Download for all device and phone. Get Lenovo PC Suite software download and Lenovo USB Drivers for Android XDA. The Lenovo USB drivers can be used for multiple models of Lenovo Android Phones while the Lenovo PC Suite is suitable and compatible with a number of devices.

Lenovo PC suite works well for Lenovo Tablets and PCs while other compatible devices can also be used to install the Lenovo PC suite. The PC suite is needed because you do not receive the Lenovo PC Suite and USB drivers CD for tablets and Android phones. So it is imperative for you to download it from sources that have it archived.

Features of the Lenovo PC Suite and USB Drivers

Some of the features of the application include and not limited to the following.

  1. Create a back for your contacts and all data on your tablet and mobile.
  2. Use it has a modem for your PC, your PC can receive internet connection via your Mobile phone and tablet.
  3. Manage and view your contacts, you can edit, delete and create new contacts.
  4. All SMS can be managed via the Lenovo Mobile Assist.
  5. Upgrade your mobile and tablet devices easily.

Lenovo PC Suite Supports the following Lenovo Tablets:

Lenovo A1 Tablet, Lenovo A1000, Lenovo A1000L, Lenovo A10-70, Lenovo A7600, Lenovo A2107, Lenovo A2109, Lenovo A3000, Lenovo A7-30 A3300, Lenovo A7-40 A3500, Lenovo A7-50, Lenovo A8-50, Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10, Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30, Lenovo K1, Lenovo Idea Tab Lynx, Lenovo Miix 10, Lenovo Miix 2 10, Lenovo Miix 2 11, Lenovo Miix 2 8, Lenovo Miix 3-1030, Lenovo Miix 3-830, Lenovo S2109, Lenovo S2110, Lenovo S5000, Lenovo S6000, Lenovo S6000L, Lenovo S8-50, Lenovo Thinkpad 10, Lenovo Thinkpad 8, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8.

Lenovo PC Suite Supports the following Lenovo Mobile:

Lenovo A269i, Lenovo A316i, Lenovo A319, Lenovo A328, Lenovo A369i, Lenovo A390, Lenovo A5000, Lenovo A516, Lenovo A526, Lenovo A536, Lenovo A60+, Lenovo A6000,  Lenovo A606, Lenovo A680, Lenovo A690, Lenovo A706,  Lenovo A800, Lenovo A850, Lenovo A859, Lenovo K860, Lenovo K900, Lenovo P700i, Lenovo P70-A, Lenovo P770, Lenovo A780, Lenovo S560, Lenovo S580, Lenovo S650, Lenovo S660, Lenovo S720, Lenovo S820, Lenovo S8500, Lenovo S856, Lenovo S860, Lenovo S880, Lenovo S890, Lenovo S90-A, Lenovo S920, Lenovo S930, Lenovo VIBE X S960, Lenovo VIBE X2, Lenovo VIBE Z K910L, Lenovo Z2 Pro Smartphone K920, Lenovo VIBE Z2.

How do you use the Lenovo PC suite and USB driver software?

  • Start by connecting your connect Lenovo smartphone to PC through USB cable.
  • Automatically the PC will open the folder of your phone and a new drive will be opened.
  • In the folder, you will find USB driver and Lenovo Mobile Assistant.
  • Proceed to install the USB driver and then install the Lenovo Mobile Assistant.
  • Disconnect your smartphone from PC and launch Lenovo Mobile Assistant.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC.
  • Initiate Enable USB Debugging.
  • This time you will be able to access your smartphone from your PC.
  • With this, you can view and send messages, see your contacts, manage audio and video files etc using the Lenovo PC Suite Mobile Assistant.

Hope you have enjoyed and downloaded the Lenovo PC Suite and USB Drivers Free, thanks to your feedback will help greatly. Let me know if it worked for you if there are any issues it will be fixed immediately.


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  • Hi
    I want to use my mobile internet on my PC.
    My system is windows xp service pack 3
    I m using lenovo s660 phone.
    I also installed mobile assist. ,my connection is also done but there is no any option releted to internet.
    Previous I m using Samsung phone and I can easily asses internet through tethering.
    I trying this prosses to lenovo also but phone modem does not find

    Pls give me solution

  • Wonderful post,

  • Is there any place where i can download all drivers of Lenovo at one place. I had a mobile repair shop, it would be of great help.