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Sin Mountain 2018 Rainmeter Skin

Sin Mountain Rainmeter Skin is beautiful, it is minimalistic in nature, and highlights the core focus of the skin. The Rainmeter clock and weather are detailed and color separated to make it distinct. Sin Mountain’s Weather icon is simple and also depicts the weather situation. Rainy, cloudy, sunny and other weather icons.

This Rainmeter skin is a mashup of various parts from different authors to make this skin. The Clock, weather, media player, and visualization are Rainmeter skins borrowed and assembled to make this beautiful theme.  Though the skin is modified, original authors are been credited for the use of the various parts.

The skin is fast gaining popularity considering it is recently released. It has over 40 daily downloads as at the time I am writing this piece.

Sin Mountain Rainmeter Skin

Sin Mountain Rainmeter Skin

Use case: The skin folders must be directly in the path of “documents\rainmeter\skins” rather than “documents\rainmeter\skins\sin mountain” if you get an error when loading skins.

Size: 3.2MB


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Sin Mountain
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