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Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats Codes and Walkthrough

Pokémon Light Platinum Cheats Codes and Walk through walls for infinite rare candy, gba emulator, master ball cheats, and action replay codes. The Pokémon Light Platinum is the cloned version of the Pokémon Ruby, technically you can use the Pokémon Ruby Cheats on Pokémon Light Platinum. However you need to have the codes that is compatible to GBA emulator and get Gameshark codes for use with the Pokémon Light Platinum.

Some of the cheats peculiar with Pokémon Light Platinum is used for getting rare candy cheat code, and Pokémon Light Platinum unlimited master ball cheat. The principal element or device for playing the game is the Game Boy Advanced (GBA) however the Pokémon Light Platinum Cheats is ideal for the GBA emulator, which is the hack of the Pokémon Ruby.

The GBA emulator allows gamers to play the GBA games on their mobile devices, the fun part of this is that Gameshark codes are also used to cheat on the Pokémon Light Platinum. There are so many Pokémon Light Platinum Cheats that one can use to boost your game to avoid lose or stagnation.

Pokémon Light Platinum can be played on any GBA emulator, so also the codes can be used on any of the emulators for Nintendo. Though the core of the game is still Pokémon Ruby, meaning all the programs and resources is still essentially the same your codes and cheats for either of them is still the same.

Setting up Pokémon Light Platinum Cheats  for GBA Emulator

  • Start by Running the VisualBoyAdvance.exe on Windows
  • Open the Pokemon Light Platimum GBA ROM
  • Go to the VisualBoyAdvance screen interface, then click on cheats, followed by cheats list…
  • Click on GameShark to input the cheat codes.
  • Add proper description, followed by the code line by line.

Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats

Pokémon Light Platinum Gameshark Codes

The first step is to enter the Master Code to the VBA Emulator, this is needed for other cheats codes to work.

VBA Emulator Master Code.


This is followed immediately by Entering the GameShark Codes

Unlimited Master Ball

  • Description: Masterball
  • Code: DCEEEC34AFEADC26
  •            D261DC6D197B4DC2
  •            280EA26688A62E5C

Some users have experienced issues with the code above, instead of the master ball they are getting rare candies or other things. To solve this replace the code above with the ones below.

  • 97726CAE9184
  • 8F7AAA5C15FE
  • B85E5A770386

Upgrade it to unlimited rare candies by adding the following codes to the list above.

  • C674B60F
  • B309F994

You can enter other codes like the ones below:

Pokémon Light Platinum Rare Candy Cheat

  • Description: Rare Candy
  • Code: 82025BD00044

Unlimited First PC Slot becames 99

Code: D261DC6D197B4DC2

After entering the above codes click on OK to save the codes. All the above happens under cheats list as described earlier.

Pokémon Light Platinum Cheat Codes Continued

  • Go back to the game and access the PC, select your PC name from the list of PC
  • To access the cheats stored, Go to Item storage and then withdraw item.
  • Here you can withdraw as much as you want for the Master Ball and Rare Candy
  • Note: Each Master Ball is X99 in infinite places, while Rare Candy X?0 which is over  10,000

Other Codes can be found in the document below:

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The Pokémon Light Platinum Codes helps you to enjoy the Pokemon on GBA emulator.


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