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Candy Crush Unlimited Lives, Moves and Boosters – Saga/ Soda

How to you get unlimited lives, moves and boosters on candy crush, if you have more lives you would be able to crush that difficult stage overtime. But with the wait time of about 2.5 hours to refill the five lives is quite daunting and tiring. Having and unlimited lives will make you extend the play time over a longer period off time.

The unlimited moves, gives you extra 5 moves to extend the play moves you have left. If you have just two moves to complete a level the unlimited move usually comes in handy. And the booster are essential to clear more candies and crush more chocolates obstacles.

The candy crush be it the candy crush saga or the candy crush soda is designed to keep you guessing the next move, if your strategy fails you will lose a life, a constant win will keep your lives intact. The truth is how many candy crush players have the skill to play up to 20 games without losing.

How to get Unlimited Lives for Candy Crush Saga and Soda

The most common method you get to hear about is adjusting the time of your device upwards by 2hrs 30 minutes, if you are into this practice already. You would realise that it is not sustainable, the more you shift your time the more the need farther the system time move. The effect of this is that the time on your device may affect some software’s or application you are running.

To revert back to the normal time, the time gained earlier will be added back to your wait time. To change the time on your mobile device, go to settings, then date and time. Change the time by adding 2hrs 30 minutes do not change the date it will only compound the problem.

You can play on multiple device with the life saved on them, disconnect the device you want to play on from the internet and play the level, if you fail to get to the next level, move to another device and play the same level until you proceed. It works best if you use up available lives without moving to the next level.

How to get Unlimited Moves for Candy Crush Saga and Soda

Note: Unlimited Moves prompts you to start from the beginning.

You will need to download the APK that has the following features.

100 plus moves.
Bomb delay 80.
Time counter changed to 5 minutes for all time levels.
Unlimited lives.
Unlock dreamworld.
Unlock All episodes.
Unlock All Levels.

Process of getting Unlimited Live, Boosters and Moves:

  • Uninstall the Candy Crush game from your Android Device or Mobile, you will lose your level with this method.
  • Install the Candy Crush Saga game APK file in your Android device, but not from Google play store.
  • You can download the Apk file by pressing the button below.

   Download APK

  • Run the downloaded APK on your device
  • Once it is completed tap the app icon to run.
  • You will be prompted to start all over from level one, however you will have unlimited lives, moves and booster.

If you encounter error while running the app installation, tap on settings to allow unknown sources.

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