Rainmeter System Monitoring

Kurugin Rainmeter Skin

Kurugin Rainmeter skin works really well and it is easily customizable, it optimized for Windows 7 and above. Test on versions lower than Windows 7 is yet to be confirmed. The Kurugin Rainmeter Skin is sci-fi theme based desktop optimizer and a system monitoring tool that works well with animation effects.

The file associated with Kurugin Rainmeter skin is bulky at over 45MB, it is relatively popular and gets about 20 downloads daily with over 24,000 downloads since its creation.

Kurugin rainmeter skin for system monitoring

Rainmeter Skin for System Monitoring

File Size: 45.8MB

Author: llego001

RAR File Link -> [link]

RMskin Link -> [link]

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