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Rainmeter Elegance 2 – Music, Weather, and System Monitoring Skin

The Rainmeter Elegance 2 is a very detailed skin, it fits into the need of diverse users if you like to have a clock, music, and weather displayed then this is the Rainmeter skin for you. It also has the system monitoring options to gauge CPU, RAM, HDD size, Network monitoring, mail, and temperature.

Rainmeter Elegance 2

Rainmeter Elegance 2

This Rainmeter theme is flexible, it allows easy manipulation of the look and feel. You can have the Rainmeter  Elegance 2 options displayed either horizontally or vertically. As earlier described, it is feature rich and also loved by Rainmeter fans and users.

This theme is bulkier than most Rainmeter skin. It contains a color changer and configuration tool to help with the setup and customization. The Rainmeter Elegance 2 skin integrates with Gmail, Weather app, shows now playing, displays clock and date. The system monitor tools for checking HDD size, CPU, RAM and others is also available on the Rainmeter Elegance 2.

This is one of the most popular Rainmeter Skin, it has been downloaded over 430,000 times with a daily download of over 300. In terms of skin view, it has received over a million views. Nothing beats a good Rainmeter skin and theme.

Size: 2.9MB



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