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Rainmeter Simple Media – Rainmeter Clock and Date

Rainmeter Simple Media is a great clock and date skin for Rainmeter. This theme is one of the best Rainmeter skin and themes in the desktop optimization space. Most of the features you will get are basic but beautiful and well structured.

The author has taken time to add links to the wallpaper used for the preview. This does not stop you from adding your own skin. Gamers, corporate geeks, writers, programmers, and hobbyist can have their desktop skin changed with the Rainmeter Simple Media.

This Rainmeter Clock and Date skin come with 6 previews neatly stacked against each other. As you can see below, each one of the Rainmeter Simple Media skin has a unique customization feature. It can work well with a light, dark and blurry wallpaper.

Rainmeter Simple Media

Rainmeter Simple Media

In terms of popularity, this theme is not as popular as the Rainmeter Visbubble that get over 400 daily downloads. Daily download for the Rainmeter Simple Media skin is over 180 daily and it has been downloaded 333,000+ times. However, it continues to attract more views.

The Rainmeter Simple Media skin has the following options. Weather, Time, Date, and Recycle bin. You can use your own wallpaper if you like the one on the preview, it is included in the download file.

File Size: 337KB

Author: lilshizzy

Download Simple Media


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