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Stylish Music Player Skin – Rainmeter Music Player

Stylish Music Player skin for Rainmeter is a must-have desktop skin feature.This Rainmeter Music Player Skin comes with a flexible style option, of 4 variants that has all the things you desire in a music player.

It is designed to fit into any Rainmeter Design, this largely depends on the users’ preference and taste. The app has gotten some updates, a sign that it will be getting updates from time to time.

Stylish Music Player skin

Stylish Music Player skin

  • 4 variants (Full skin, Song info with controls on-hover, Album Cover, Controls)
  • 27 Stylish Background Designs
  • Custom color setting
  • Custom font setting
  • 7 Functions (Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Repeat, Shuffle, Media launcher, Settings) WMP and Spotify are not fully supported with these functions.
  • Progress Bar
  • Album Cover
  • Title, Artist, and Album info
  • Win10 style Settings

The stylish music player skin can be used to modify Rainmeter skins with music player issues or have a modified skin with the Stylish music player added as a component.

File Size: 2.7MB

Author: Vancruz06

Stylish Music Player Skin
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