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Deslide a Slideshow and View the Website as a Single Page

How do you deslide a website showing a slideshow of content that you can view on a single page. It is quite annoying to say the least to click multiple times to read a content or list presented on a sideshow. It is boring and time consuming, and sometimes the content may not be worth the time and effort.

Headlines have always been the catch since the days of the offline print media. Publishers draw readers to their content with catch phrases that lure readers to a content. As a result of the abuse of this practice, readers are now trained to skim through to determine if the content is truly of interest. Today the story is the same, the average internet users scans a page to quickly determine if the content is worthy of their time, they need to find a hook within the first minute.

The idea of having a slideshow on a website helps publishers, keep users on the website, it also helps to sell other relevant content. The back-end benefit to the publisher is to reduce bounce rate. Now readers and users are weary of this system, hence, the need to deslide websites with a slideshow. In search of the solution to this nagging issue, I found a deslide tool that is perfect for users to remove slideshow quickly from a website.



Using Deslide Bookmarklet for Slideshows

I am going to show you how to get rid of slide shows faster on a website. Deslides works on some of the most popular sites notorious for having slideshows. The deslide does not work on some sites, the programmers have built an anti-deslide into their site. To start you will have to install the bookmarklet on your browser. It is better to create a bookmark shortcut of the URL, this usually appears below the address bar.

  • Copy the URL of the site you want to deslide
  • Go the the deslide site, faster if you have it bookmarked.
  • If you browse a slideshow and have the above link bookmarked, clicking on the bookmark will open a new window with the slideshow ‘deslideshowified’ by submitting the viewed site’s URL to this web application.
  • If you prefer visiting the site, paste the URL in the search bar.
  • Select your display preference in the droplist.
  • Click deslide to activate the process.
  • Please be patient; depending on the site and the number of slides it might take some time to retrieve the slides and extract all image URLs.

Deslide works on so many sites, if it does not work on the site you are desliding, follow the instruction below.



What to do if Deslide does not work for me

The browsers and sites programming are the major reasons why deslide may not work for you. There is a messy way of having it work on your site. Though it will make the website look ugly, you will have all the slideshow deslided.

Go the the browser extension market place, look for a JavaScript blocker, better if you find a JavaScript and a CSS blocker. Activate this on the browser, and without deslide you can have the whole slides display as a single page.

This method work most of the time, except if the site blocks users who have JavaScript blocked. This is probably the best deslide alternative in the market.

I hope more deslide application are created for quick and fast reading, however some people enjoy the suspense created by the slideshow. Let me know what works for you and the site you tried it on.

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