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Sun + Sand – RainMeter Desktop with RSS Reader and Clock

The Sun + Sand – RainMeter  Skin Desktop is a popular theme suitable for RSS feeds and Clock. Customizing your desktop with this beautiful theme allows you to manage your news feeds, have a prominent clock display and music player controls and visuals.

Notwithstanding the wallpaper is cool, this Rainmeter Skins name is derived from the wallpaper. In terms of an update, it was updated twice and has little or no complaint from users of the Rainmeter Skin.

This theme has been downloaded over 199,000 times with a lot of daily downloads. The updates for the Rainmeter theme provides information on how to adjust and customize modified features.

For best result the Sun + Sand Rainmeter Skin is designed to work well with the default wallpaper. The RSS Feed also has features designed to work well with the default wallpaper. Slight adjustments can allow user to modify the skin to their taste, this is however not advised.

Sun + Sand Rainmeter skin

Sun + Sand Rainmeter skin

Key features of this Rainmeter Skin includes the RSS Feed, Music Player, Yahoo Widget, Clock and a Google Calendar that works more like a dummy.

File Size: 2.4MB

Author: KreDoc

Sun + Sand Rainmeter Desktop
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