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musify for windows pc

Musify for windows PC allows music lovers to discover new song globally, the awesome app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, iTouch and Windows mobile phones. Get the details of the top 10 songs on the billboard, top artist by genres, country and more.  Hardcore music fans cannot do without this awesome app, however if you want to download it on your windows PC, you would soon realise that it is only available on the windows mobile device.

To download this app on the windows PC you will need to use an emulator. The emulator works for windows PC and Mac computers, it allows you to have access to the full use and control of the app on a PC. All features of the app will be present and you can enjoy it as long as you want to.

The musify app does not have the same interface on the three stores it is on, and it is worthy of note that they are developed by different developers. If you have installed it on an Apple device, the user interface is completely different from that of the Google play store and Windows Mobile store. However they all have almost the same functionality.

Features of the Musify App

On Windows Mobile

  •  Top Songs
  •  New Releases
  •  Top Artists
  •  Top Albums
  •  Song filters like country,genre,etc.
  •  Song, Artist, Album Description
  •  Download via Nokia MixRadio
  •  Search on Youtube

On Android Devices

– Song Preview
– Easily play top 100 music by country
– Search and find free music and song tracks
– Repeat/shuffle/Playlist Repeat functions.
– Background Music Playback
– Excellent and easy to use user interface.
– Explore for popular music for all countries.

On Apple Devices

  • Single tap music streaming music and add playlist.
  • Excellent and easy to use user interface.
  • Search for your favourite musics, artists, DJ and remixes.
  • Compatible with all iPhone devices, including iPhone 6 and Plus. Requires iOS7 or higher.
  • Full featured media player and unique user experiences.
  • Best cool player UI. Playlist support, Shuffle and repeat all songs.
  • Lock screen and Control center playback controls.
  • Album artwork.
  • Background music playback.
  • Explore for popular music for all countries.
  • Create unlimited playlists and add unlimited songs for different modes.
  • PassLock feature makes the app special for you. Only you can get access to to your songs with password.
  • AirPlay support.

We are going to focus mainly on how to download Musify for windows, therefore we would adopt the windows PC download version.

Musify for Windows PC – Method 1

Download bluestacks for PC

Run the program after download

After successful installation, start the program and search for Musify

Click to start the app, follow the instructions on the app and you now have musify for PC.

Musify for Windows PC – How to download for free.

The musify app for windows is light weight, at about 3.61MB. To download you need a windows phone emulator for windows 8. The emulator provides the environment that allows the app to be used or tested on a windows PC, but first you need to have the windows phone emulator installed on your PC.

The process to download the Musify app can be found on Windows MSDN

Download Musify on PC with Andyroid.

Download Andyroid

Install and run the program

Search for Musify, click to open and follow the instructions after.

This is about one of the most downloaded app on the app stores.




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