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Twitch video downloader helpers gamers download twitch vods streams and videos. The site does not allow you to right click and download twitch videos as it should have been. Most of the time, you are on the site watching a live stream or saved stream. Gamers often use the downloaded version of the videos to learn a few tricks, master the style of a gamer and also save bandwidth cost. How do you go about this.

The methods I will be describing below will allow you to download twitch videos on your computer, mobile device and tablet. It does not matter if the video is 5 hours long or more than 5GB. It is important to get a twitch video downloader that is easy to use and Spam free.

Download Convert Videos from Twitch to your Computer

The is a pretty straight forward method, it does not require a special software. All you need to do is simply copy the link of the twitch video you want to download copy and paste it in the twitch video downloader box and select the quality and extension version you want.

Let’s run through it together.

  • Open the twitch page of the video you want to download, click on play to make sure it is truly working and pause after.
  • Copy the URL of the twitch page
  • Then open this Old Twitch VoDs downloader page or the New Twitch Video Downloader.
  • Paste the link you copied into the Video URL search bar
  • Select the quality and extension format you want.
  • When through click get, to start the download and conversion process
  • Download the link on to your preferred folder on your computer.

Note: The New Twitch Vods can also convert  and entire Play list or Audio only.

Downloader Updated: Software for Twitch VoDs Download

With a million of viewers per second, twitch is the YouTube for gamers, it allows gamers to stream their game with other players. With the recent update on the Twitch website, downloading newer livestreams has been difficult. I have provided below easy steps to download newer Twitch video streams that older downloader cannot convert. Let run through the process together.

  • Go the the Twitch site and locate the video stream you like to download.
  • Click on the video to visit the page, I advise you play the video and pause. This is to test that it is working fine.
  • Copy the URL of the page and proceed to the next step
  • Download the Updated Twitch Video Downloader and install.
  • On the downloader, paste the link in the input box and start extraction.
  • Before the extraction begins, select the best quality and version you want.
  • Finish the process to complete.

This downloader also works well for VEVO videos, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram Videos, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr, Facebook, and Dailymotion Videos.

Chrome Extension: Twitch.tv Video Downloader

If you are do not mind adding extensions on your Chrome browser, then this might be good for you. This extension is specially designed for Twitch. It simply adds the missing download button that allows users to download Twitch Videos. It is free of cost to users.

  • First: You need to have chrome browser installed on your PC. This method is not suitable for mobile users.
  • Next Install the Chrome Extension for Twitch Video Download.
  • Open Twitch and find the video you like to download, you will notice the Download button appear below.
  • You can now start download all your favorite Twitch videos.

Keep in mind that you need to add your settings to the chrome extension.

All the Twitch Video download method are free, some are not suitable for mobile users. They all get the job done, if you have any difficulty, please let on know by writing a comment below. I love to help.


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