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Windows could not Search for New Updates – 8024402c | 8007000e | 4024402f | 80072ee2

Errors like “Windows could not search new updates” can be frustrating for PC users, fixing it by yourself will save you the cost of getting an engineer to fix the problem. Thanks to Google, you can get the guide and steps to fix this error by yourself. The error is usually accompanied with an error code in numbers, and reference to support team.

The following are some of the errors associated with windows could not search for new updates are 8024402c | 8007000e | 4024402f | 80072ee2. One of the major challenges support face when resolving this error is that end-users do not either know how to explain this error or get a good grasp of what the error is.

The first tip is to answer this question, did you recently updated your computer operating system? A red flag appears on your action center to inform you about the error. Attempt to update this error gives the message windows could not search for updates, below it is the error code which can be any of this 8024402c | 8007000e | 4024402f | 80072ee2.

How to fix and Update Windows Updates Error

To fix this error you need to update Internet properties and LAN settings, to get started you need to get access to the internet properties. It is somewhat difficult to locate this settings and folders. I will describe 3 ways you can get the internet properties accessed.

  1. Open Internet Explorer, Click on Tools and then Internet Option will pop up.
  2. Press Win Key + R to open the run command interface. Type inetcpl.cpl  and press enter.
  3. Using the search key on the computer, you can search for internet properties.

Step 2.

Once the Internet properties pop up Click on Connection tab and then LAN settings at the bottom. This time the LAN settings pop-up then click on Advanced setting. And change it to the details below.

  • HTTP: Port: 8888
  • Secure: Port: 8888
  • Exceptions: <-loopback>

Click ok, then another ok on the second pop-up.

Go back to action center and click on updates, this should be okay after correctly following the steps above.


Step 3.

Now the tricky part is to restore the changes back to a non-blocking setting. Once the update completes, go back to Internet options, then LAN settings. Leaving the previous setting blocks you from visiting other sites.

You need to uncheck “Use proxy server for your LAN”.  And this is the solution to the nagging challenge of windows would not search for new updates.

Fixing the Windows could not Search for New Updates Method 2

Quick one:

Internet Explorer is needed for this step, ensure you have it installed, especially the latest version. Then download update for Windows 7 (KB3102810) which is available on the Microsoft site.  Now restart your system, this might happen a couple of time, be patient for the system process to takes its course.

  • Now you need to rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder where the windows updates are stored. This file will be located in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.
  • Open the Run command window (keyboard shortcut is Windows + R ) and type services.msc & click OK.
  • Select the windows update from the list of services. Now right click and select the stop option in the menu.
  • Now rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to SoftwareDistributionOLD.
  • Note: This will help windows to create a new SoftwareDistribution folder to store the windows updates from scratch.
  • Again start the windows update service.
  • That’s it! The error must get resolved by now. Try checking for updates.

Other Methods to fix the error

Running a diagnostics on the PC to repair faulty files may be all you need to fix this error. Using the search bar, find cmd i.e command prompt, then run as admin.

Type – sfc /scannow to run a full scan on your system.

Step 2

  • Search for BITS – Background Intelligent Transfer Service,  or go to services, then search for BITS restart the service
  • You can also open your command prompt or cmd, type service.msc. Press enter.
  • Stop and start it to
  • Then restart the service

Hope it works for you let me know in the comment below.

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