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Netflix Error nw-2-5 – Simple Solution & Fix that Works

Netflix Error NW25  is a peculiar issue with the user trying to connect Netflix with PS 3, Ps4, X-Box, or a smart TV. Follow the steps below to solve Netflix error nw25.  This challenge has been attributed to a break in internet connectivity if the device does not connect to the Netflix service it triggers this error code.

The first thing to do to solve this issue is to check your internet connection, this is the number one cause of the error. Troubleshooting starts from eliminating basic likely issues. The second thing to consider is the device you are using, a common device which includes: Roku, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Smart TV, Blue-ray Player and Streaming Media Player.

Also if your DNS configuration is not proper, you would also have a Netflix Error NW-2-5.  Follow the guide below step by step to resolve the Netflix error issue.

Fixing Netflix Error nw-2-5

The first thing to do is to check and test your internet connectivity, this basic troubleshooting method will most likely resolve the issues. The question is how do you go about it.

First what type of connection are you using, a public network, school or office might have blocked streaming sites. This will definitely affect Netflix.

It is common for game consoles to give error messages due to DNS configuration issues or no internet connectivity. Different game consoles have their own methods of resolving Netflix Error NW-2-5.

Issues with the modem can cause no connectivity issue, it is better to restart the modem and other devices that connect to the modem. Usually, wait for at least 10 minutes before restarting the modem. For most of the issues related to Netflix error NW-2-5, it is advised you turn off the device, remove the plug from the power source.

After waiting for a while plug the device to the power source and switch on the device. It should work after, make sure you test if Netflix is not blocked on your network. If possible try another source of internet to eliminate the possibility of no connectivity.

Error NW-2-5 on Xbox One.

Press Menu on your Xbox One controller, then choose settings. Go ahead and select Network, this is where you check your status connection. You can proceed to test the connection by selecting the option.

The scan will to a self-diagnostic and resolve any issue with the network configuration. This method updates the DNS configuration and also fixes the internet connectivity issue.

Error NW-2-5 on Xbox 360

Go to the main menu on Xbox 360, then go to settings, select system, and the system settings. Then select Network setting, select the appropriate network option and then choose to configure the network. Select the DNS settings and select automatic. At this point restart the console. Go back to check if the issue has been resolved.

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