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Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost is an amazing open source blogging platform, that is easy to use and maintain. It is built make blogging easy and it comes with a wonderful editing interface.

I quick look at the intro video will whao! you. It has a beautiful dashboard and interface, split view of your blog, showing the editing interface and the front end interface. Easy drag and drop feature to add videos and images on the cms.

It is mobile and tablet optimized, making it easy to read and edit at the same time. It is funded using the Kickstarter platform and is intended to run free and an open source platform. It has a good high profile of web developers and programmers.

To install Ghost Blogging Platforms to you will need to do it manually from the server backend or use an FTP. Though they are working on auto installers.

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Themeforest supports Ghost Blogging Platform

With the introduction of incentives to theme creators to make themes for the Ghost platform, Themeforest is using this avenue to traction for the blogging platform.

Other supporters include:

Internet Explorer



Code school





A tech media

Thanks to the many backers who support this dream, Ghost platform is available to make blogging retain its essence.



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