Games Like Minecraft – List of Best Alternatives

Games like Minecraft are on most gaming console and devices, get free and paid alternatives on iOS, Android, PC and PS 2, 3, 4 and XBox.  iPhone no download required for some of the versions that you will find in the list. The list is constantly updated due to new releases and development of games like Minecraft.

Minecraft looks simple, some even called it the Lego of the online space. It is one of the most played game on XBox and PC, it has a robust community of players who are passionate about Minecraft. Due to its popularity other games are being developed with similar features of Minecraft, this has attracted a huge fan who are seeking for free or alternative versions of the game.

So what is so spectacular about this online sandbox game, it is game for creative minds who are passionate about exploring their creativity potentials. Minecraft has you may know it, allows gamers to create a new world in 3D where you have to create a new community and defend it if necessary.

List of Games Like Minecraft

  • Cube World – PC
  • 3079 – Android PC
  • Guncraft – PC
  • The Block Heads – iOS, Android
  • Castle Story – PC
  • Roblox – iOS, PC
  • Block World – XBox 360, PC
  • Minebuilder – iOS, Android
  • Starforge – PC
  • Craft The World – iOS, PC, Mac
  • Far Sky – Mac, PC
  • Survival Craft – Android, iOS
  • Terraria – PC, PS3, 360, Vita, iOS, Android
  • Block Story – PC, Android, iOS
  • Blockland – PC
  • CastleMinerZ – XBox 360, PC
  • Manic Digger – PC
  • Bit Digger – XBox
  • Exploration – iOS
  • Utopia Realms – PC
  • Growtopia -Android, iOS, PC,
  • Blocksworld – PC
  • King Arthurs Gold – PC, Mac
  • Krafteers – Tomb Defenders – Android
  • Block Fortress – Android, iOS
  • Gem Miner 2 – Android
  • 8BitMMO – Mac, PC,
  • Rust – PC, Mac
  • Terasology – PC,
  • Cubic Castles – iOS, Mac, PC, Android
  • Kogama – PC

Some of the games like Minecraft listed above have received tremendous success, some of the game titles are available for free. It is also available on iOS, Mac, PC, Xbox and Android. There are some games like Minecraft you can play on your brower also.

Though they are available for many operating and gaming systems including PC, Mac, Consoles and Smartphones. Notable games can be found on iOS and Android, while most free games are on PC. From the list above the following games stand out has most rated and played.

Roblox, 3079, Terasology, Survival Craft, The block heads, Kogama, Block Fortress and  Guncraft are examples of the most played games that is an alternative to Minecraft. If you are bored with Minecraft and you need a good game to stimulate your creative prowess then this might be the game for your.

Hope you enjoyed games like Minecraft and the best alternatives you can find on most gaming platforms and devices.


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