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Windows 12 Release Date – Prices, Features, Specs, Leak and Beta

Windows 12 Release Date is much awaited, Most fans and customers are eager to know the Prices, Features, Specs, and even have a feel of the beta and leak. Microsoft customers are not pleased with either the Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 release, not all have shown displeasure. To retain dominance and not loose out to competitor, Microsoft is having in works in their lab and new windows version 12 that will take over from the windows 8 and 8.1 editions.

The Windows 12 release date is billed for the first quarter of next year, probably around April, hopefully the release will come out soonest. It is time to plan for a new purchase if you are tired of the windows 10 and 8.1 OS versions. However heralding the coming of the windows 12 a windows 10 Update 2 is almost finished according to WZOR, and that Microsoft are currently discussing the ways in which they could offer it to existing users. Update 2 will require new license keys, and will offer it to Windows 7 users for a small fee. The update will be free for Windows 8.1 Update 1 users of course. The alternative method for Windows 8.0 users would be to update to Windows 8.1 for free, and then to Update 1 and then to Update 2.

Windows 12 Price

To encourage sales Microsoft will be releasing the Windows 12 with a price reduction promo, to encourage reluctant customers the opportunity to try out the New windows 12. However we still do not have a word on the likely price, Microsoft might be changing its approach by giving out the OS for free to clients we are upgrading. Till then we have to keep our fingers crossed and hope the prices will be affordable, especially to early adopters.

Windows 12 Features and Spec

What is expected is a more user friendly system and secure operating system. What the last two versions lacked is the perfect user experience, that has even caused the Chinese government to ban the user of Windows 12 in the public sector.

Windows 12 might come lighter with more space on the hard disk after installing the OS, a space of about 10 -15 GB is okay for the operating system more is really to much.

A more robust Microsoft Store with really useful apps will be needed to spice up the metro theme.

Easy access to files, folders and major operating keys.

The full integration of the start menu, whoever yanked that out did not do the user experience survey well, bringing it back is very necessary for Microsoft’s business.

The merger of Microsoft Outlook, and Office suite into the OS as default.

Windows 12 Beta release

This might come ahead of the planned release of windows 12 to the PC Manufactures, Developers will have an hands on feel of the operating system before the eventual launch. A leak has however been released to the public has the likely interface and features we might be seeing. As usual they may have changed many of these features before the eventual release. Hopefully this is going to be like an after MS Vista comeback for Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows 12 Leaks

Here are some leaked images of the Microsoft windows 12 due for release, though this might not be the final cut, it is just a clue to what it will eventually look like.

Let have you opinion on what you think about the planned windows 12 release date and what features you expect to see.

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