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Twitter Chairman – Jack Dorsey’s do and don’ts advice

Straight from his mouth, during the start-up school event of Y Combinator.  During his speech on “Acceptance and motivation in how you build a team and company.”

twitter chairman

Here’s some of the items from Jack’s “do” list:

  1. Stay present: don’t focus on the past or the future.
  2. Be vulnerable: show people your mistakes and fears so that they can relate
  3. Drink only lemon water and red wine
  4. Six sets of 20 squats and push-ups every day, run for 3 miles, meditate on this list, stand up straight, spend 10 minutes with a heavy bag
  5. Say hello to everyone
  6. Get 7 hours of sleep

Here’s his “don’ts”:

  1. Don’t avoid eye contact
  2. Don’t be late
  3. Don’t set expectations and not meet them
  4. Don’t eat sugar
  5. Don’t drink hard liquor or beer during the weekday

The idea is to create a list daily where you can track you do and don’ts.  By putting together a list, it will eliminate noise and allow you to focus on things. Both Square and Twitter employees have set up their own list to continue to enable them to innovate and reset what they think about their organization.

This kind of advice; as simple as it may seem, it is a differential factor when it comes to sustainable success.

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