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RYZEN – AMD RYZEN Rainmeter Skin Setup

From wallpapers to Rainmeter Skins, Ryzen is a unique minimalistic desktop customization skin. It is a product of good creativity, mildly strange, but effective in delivery awesomeness. This is one Rainmeter skin that combines all the necessary parts of a Rainmeter skin optimization features. The biggest addition is the quotes underneath the visualization equalizer. All your shortcuts are neatly stacked, details of the system monitor, clock, date, and now playing audio.

As with most Rainmeter skin, you can change the wallpaper to the theme you prefer, though it has nice features it comes packed with 6.8MB of data. Not has popular has the Rainmeter released after it, Sin Mountain Rainmeter Skin.

It gets over 10 downloads daily, a fairly good number for a recently created Rainmeter skin. I believe in days to come it will gain more popularity and increase in the download.

AMD Ryzen Setup

This Rainmeter theme was tweaked with 4 other skins for the fonts, media, visualization, and clock. AMD Ryzen setup is a great combination of skins, tweaked to produce a new awesomeness.

Size: 6.8MB

Author: SolBlaze86

AMD Ryzen Setup
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