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Google Ads Services Pagead Aclk

Google Ad Services pagead aclk is a technical system used by Google to track clicks and prevent click fraud. It also help to bring users to ad landing pages faster. The Google ad services pagead aclk was created mainly to improve the user and client experience mainly, this referrer format ensures that advertisers will still get the relevant bits of information about a search that drove traffic to their site.

The whole idea behind the Google ad services pagead aclk is to bring about a faster and more effective user experience, having both the advertiser and publishers interest in mind. If you hover your mouse over a google advert you will notice this url on the left buttom of your screen. **********************************

*****************represents the ad codes. The google uses changes from time to time, the pageads was introduced in year 2012. This has been upgraded and better managed since its first appearance.

google  ads services pageads aclk

Having difficulty view Google Ads

Please check your pc settings or software installed to ensure you are not blocking ads on your site, you will get errors on your system if you have adblocker installed. To remove adblockers check with the software or addon programmer.

Google have this to say about ads displayed, on websites.

What Google does and doesn’t do to show you ads

We may show you ads based on many factors, including:

  • Types of websites you visit, and mobile apps you have on your device
  • The DoubleClick cookie on your browser and the settings in your Ads Settings
  • Websites and apps you’ve visited that belong to businesses that advertise with Google
  • Previous interactions with Google’s ads or advertising services
  • Your Google profile, including YouTube and Google+ activity

We don’t do the following:

  • Link your name or personally identifiable information to your DoubleClick cookie without your consent

  • Associate your DoubleClick cookie with sensitive topics like race, religion, sexual orientation, or health without your consent

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