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Candy Crush Saga Level 109 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Saga Level 109 Cheats and Tips helps you to clear the level with 35 moves or less and avoid the bomb reaching 0 before exploding. The explosion of a bomb ends the game no matter where you are on the game, managing the game and preventing the explosion is a daunting task.

The main focus for this level is removing the bombs, and forming horizontal stripped candy added to combo to clear the board and jellies. Using special candies will be of great help in this level, since bombs explodes and ends the game if it reach 0, using special candies to clear them and other obstacles will help you complete the level on time.

Candy Crush Level 109 Details

  • Level: Salty Canyon
  • Difficulty: Technically Hard
  • Level: 109
  • Points: 40,000
  • Candy Colors No: 5
  • Blockers: 4 Triple layered blocks and 5 double layered blocks
  • Task: Clear 4 different blockers.
  • Moves: 35
  • Number of spaces: 61

The test of your skills will be ascertained by the speed at which you will use to clear the bomb and the jelly obstacles in the game, this you have to do within 35 moves or less and get 40,000 points minimum.

How to clear Candy Crush Level 109

You first goal should be how to clear the 2 bombs ready to explode, form horizontal stripped candy to clear the bombs out of your way. Step two is to clear the jelly outside the board, create combos, color bombs and special candy mixes to clear the jelly outpost. If you can get the special candy formed on time naturally the jelly blocks in the middle will disappear gradually.

This level is difficult because it has isolated candies and jellies that needs to be cleared, also the points required is quite high. You need to make clear all the jellies and get the minimum points of 40,000.

Create more matches close to the bottom of the board, combinations are quite easier there. Watch the video below to have an idea of what it entails to clear Level 109.

You will clear this level faster if you have a color bomb or sprinkled candy and a stripped candy combo. Forming combos at the lower bottom of the board, increases you chance of having a cascading effect that may create special candies and clear some jellies likewise.

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