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Candy Crush Level 323 Cheats and Tips

Candy Crush Saga Level 323 Cheats and Tips is solved strategy and explained with video demonstration of how it was solved. This is the 3rd level in the Munchy Monolith stage, the game is divided into 4 different squares. You need to clear all the blocks from the four different squares to clear this level.

The task here is to clear all the jelly blocks and also attain 125,000 points at least, with at most 30 moves.

Candy Crush Level 323 Details

  • Level: Munchy Monolith
  • Difficulty: Technically Hard
  • Level: 323
  • Points: 125,000
  • Ingredient: 1 Cherry
  • Candy Colors No: 5
  • Blockers: Nil
  • Task: 64 Jelly block clearance
  • Moves: 30
  • Number of spaces: 64

Key strategy to clear Candy Crush Saga 323

  • Start from the top, clear jelly blocks with every move.
  • Move to the bottom if you do not have any move to make on top
  • If you have a candy strip or special candy, use it to clear more jelly blocks
  • Some will advice you to clear the jelly from the bottom, the risk here is that you will have lost the chance of clearing some obvious jelly blocks.
  • Bottom clearance increase the chances of having multiple clearance or cascading effect.
  • Color bombs and special candies will help, but do not put so much effort building it.
  • Color bombs should be saved for the right moment, target most colors on a jelly block before using it. Better combine color bombs with wrapped candy to create a wide effect.
  • Create a balance, do not focus on one side of the square alone.

Stars & Points:

  • 1 Star:  125,000 Points
  • 2 Stars:  300,000 Points
  • 3 Stars:  350,000 Points

The candy crush saga 323 does not have obstacles to clear, so if you lose after reading this tips, please try again. The key point is to learn and make moves that makes sense. Take good risk, most times it pays off, and if you are luck to have a special candy use it wisely. In some case you may want to delay its use till the best moment.

Find the candy crush saga 323 helpful? don’t shy away from leaving your comments below and sharing with your friends on social media. If you’re a game expert or avid candy crush fan, we’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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