My 90 Days Goal Commences Today.

We struggle to make some good changes to our lives, for some reasons we fear the unknown or get too comfortable in our zone. Stepping into the water can feel scary, nonetheless we need to make certain changes to get elevated into the desired place we envision ourselves to be.

I am making changes that will translate into a 90 days goal, from time to time I make goals and often get to accomplish them. I start by writing my goals down in a diary. Even if you don’t create an action plan for each goal and work your plan, there is tremendous power in simply identifying what you want and focusing some thought on the outcome.

90 day challenge

I am charged to commence a 90 days goal plan today, because of the past achievements I made with previous goal accomplished. One of such goals is the creation of this site, I am now extending my goals to keep the site constantly updated

with inspiring and educating articles.

The following are the parameters I used in making the goals.

why prepare 90-Day Objectives? Four reasons:

  1. To identify what you want to accomplish.
  2. To help focus on what matters most.
  3. To make sure that you are in agreement regarding your priorities.
  4. To provide accountability.

Things I watch out for.

Keep it short and focused: I ensure the goals are restricted to the top 7 on my priority list, if it is too long; there is the tendency that I would get overwhelmed with it. I also put my work objectives on one side and my personal objectives on the other.

Actionable: In order for you to act on your objective, it must be actionable. Notice that each objective begins with a verb (e.g., “Achieve,” “Finalize,” “Complete,” etc.).

Timeline and accountability: This timeline should be stated clearly otherwise it will take forever to complete the goal.

Priority: Start with the most important goal.

I will explain more about how I break down my goals into small bits, plans and to-do- list, in the next write up. If you have never tried this before, I want to challenge you to give it a shot. In fact, I double-dare you. Call it “The 90-Day Challenge.” Write your goals down, and make them happen. Please let me know how it goes. If you want a little accountability, post your goals in the comments section below.



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