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9 Emotional Intelligence Tips for Technology Workers

Been a geek and a self imposed social outcast does not limit your chances of success it may increase your level of focus and attentiveness while doing what you love best. emotional intelligence tips

Emotional intelligence is increasingly becoming a tool used to enhance productivity and success in business. Various studies in large corporations and other small business has provided proof to show how you can improve your productivity and career to boost your growth. Technology workers are believed to be intelligent, however a very high IQ does not guarantee success, Emotional intelligence has contributed more to success than the IQ. It is easier to build and develop yourself through practice and training to achieve a very high emotional intelligence, this is a lot harder with IQ. Based on this the following tips will enhance and improve your emotional intelligence:

Pay attention to little details. It really helps, the little details does matter and has a significant impact on the mind of the end user. keep in mind that 20% most productive input will give you the desired 80% result. Little details are less competitive because it is often ignored.

Understand your Strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. A good understanding of the SWOT will increase your productivity level – focusing on the opportunity and strength. Identify your weakness and possible threats. Prepare to maximize your potentials and avert risks. This should be deliberate and done with efficiency to avoid struggle and failure. You will need to improve your self awareness state.

Avoid distractions. This may come in various, forms; social media, news, new technology, new idea or colleagues. This can redirect your focus and divert your areas of interest and attention to things that might not be productive or important.

Self motivation. Be  a master of self motivation and focus on the goal. Know what you what, put your wants into words and action. Understand the importance and why you want it. How will you feel when it is accomplished. keep focused and motivated with or without reward.

Take on people thoughts and knowledge. You must be interested in what other people like, think and know. Large corporation spend huge sums on market research and intelligence to know this. Ask questions that will reveal answers you seek, meet people, get friends opinions, observe behavioural attitude and pattern. show empathy with disgruntled people and probe to find the cause, the list is endless.

Don’t be the chap that does not get along well with others. If your social skills is poor, you must master the art of getting along with all the personality types. In most cases been the receptive type draws more people towards you. Be careful not to imbibe attitudes, actions and appearance that will repel you from people, this include clothing, breath, body odour and body language.

Time out from time to time and socialize. Do not overly engrossed that you miss the mark, a simple time out can provide a huge impact on the project you are working on. It refreshes and also helps you put out stress, if you find it hard to meet friends. Engage in charity or service to the community, also remember giving back is catalyst to receiving.

Understand the body language and non verbal communication. You must not be a psychologist to perfect this art, you can learn by simply observing and paying attention. Read extensively on body language and observe it in various life situation. It will help you deal with the client, boss and end users.

Be ethically genuine and caring. Do not fake interest and care, you may slip and makes your effort non effective. Care always you to see beyond the ordinary to understand the heart felt pain, want or need of the people. Emotional intelligence is about identity it is want you are seen to be. Embrace Emotional intelligence and achieve maximum success in your career. It is going to give you the desired boost.

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