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Jurassic World Cheats and Tricks for Android, iOS

Jurassic World Cheats and Tricks for Android and iOS is necessary for advancing in the game faster, the game is an adaptation of the classic movie Jurassic which was released  for the second time in 2015, the game has awesome features that recreates the experience of the Jurassic Park World in a fun and engaging way.

Jurassic World Cheats to boost your game

The game is played with you has the manager or owner, the aim is to make this new venture profitable. To achieve this, you will need buildings, good decorations and food for the dinos. You need to use a very a good tactics to forge ahead with the game.

For this park food is very critical to growth and patronage, you need to feed the dinosaurs well to help them grow strong and ready for battle mode. Feed all the dinosaurs separately and make sure the building goes up on time.

Feeding is very crucial so is the dinosaurs upgrade, at the start uniformly upgrade the different types of dinosaurs. And do not jump into the life arena when starting, start with the tutorial get enough dinosaurs to start with.

Strategy and Tactics for Defence

  • Always add a weaker dinosaurs to the pack, they will build more points for you if they are attacked and if they die in the process.
  • By logging in every day, you will get a sign in bonus to play the game, this is usually called a mystery pack that is released very 5 hours. You may receive any of the following food, Dino Bucks, DNA, special missions and more.
  • Make a solid first move with the game by performing the Charge and Defense battle point building tip for two turns and land your one-hit kill attack on the 3rd turn. Build up your charge point to handle tougher challenges.
  • Replace your dinosaurs if it your losing out, select a more powerful dinosaurs to complete the mission, though you may lose some points.
  • Building and constructing park building as fast as you can beside beautiful features is very important. Building boost coin production. The more building you have the more coins and money you get.
  • Special missions earn you good dino bucks so attend to it as fast as you can, it disappears after a while making it more important to treat it on time.
  • Who says attack is not good, aggressively attack to end the fight on time.
  • Watching ads add to your portfolio dino bucks, by tapping on the dino bucks icon on the screen. Select the option that allows earning by watching ads, wait till the counter finishes before you can get the free bonus.
  • Dinosaurs type matters in terms of strength and classification, the herbivorous are weaker than the carnivorous dinosaurs. Amphibians are even more dangerous than the carnivorous dinosaurs.
  • The fight mode use the following.
    • Red: For attacking the other dinosaur
    • Blue: Defense – Reduces at the enemy attack the number of the attacks
    • Yellow: Increases the next attack, the number of corresponding elements
  • DNA hatches the dinosaurs, mostly found in special missions. The more dinosaurs you have the more money you get and more to feed.

Next time you play start by upgrading the dinosaurs, as they get stronger for attack and defense make sure you collect DNA, food, coins and cash to move forward in the game.

Jurassic world cheat hacks

Hack software does not only spoil the fun, it may also ruin the game for you. While most of the hack software really work and sometime not in existence though they pose as been available.

I will recommend you follow through the Jurassic world cheats on this site to get the best advantage of the game.

You can download the Jurassic world on IOS and Android devices from their various stores. It is important to mention that there are varieties of this game by other developers. This guide is for Jurassic world cheats.


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