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Clear Vision 3 Cheats and Walkthrough for all Missions

Clear Vision 3 Cheats and Walkthrough for all Missions and get unlimited access to money, energy and assassins token without hacks. The necessary tip to ensure you get the desired result is a must have for a quick game play campaign.

The clear vision 3 is the third of the series of this addicting mobile snipping game, the aim is to snipe you way through 55 mission, and to achieve this you will require energy, money and also tokens to help you scale through the hurdles.

Get your Clear Vision 3 instant reward of $9,000

Clear vision 3 money walkthrough

  1. Open the game and choose area to go.
  2. Click on tap the Bumville Shore
  3. Once this opens, Locate and tap the red mission
  4. Here you will see you Target and Mission plus the reward
  5. Do not tap on anything in between << and >> but outside it once
  6. Close it and open the briefcase mission on the dishwasher.
  7. Complete the dishes and you will be rewarded with $9,000

This is a glitch though, this can be patched anytime

Clear Vision 3 Cheats

To get instant energy refill on Clear Vision 3

You will first have to exhaust your current energy level before using this trick, close the app and reset the time by 1 hour. Restart the app again, you will notice you have a full life, this cheat works when you fail a criminal job, though the wait time differs per mission.

Time trick works for all mission that requires a wait,

More Money Tricks and others

Head shots will earn you more money

Time reset will also allow your freight shipments to reset, allowing you to earn a lot of extra money and even tokens. Adjust the accessibility settings to custom set your zoom features.

. Avoid unnecessary interrogation that leads nowhere, torture provides the best result. Overdoing it will prove abortive.

. Spare enough cash for weapon upgrade, this will be needed latter on in the game. Ensure you buyer stronger firepower and scope whenever the opportunity arises. Looking ammo, get the M16 it is very economical and desired for most mission.

. You must also know that you will need the last scope, it shows the exact point of target with a red dot. It is precise and reliable.

Watch All 55 Mission Walkthrough

Tricks for the first 8 missions

First mission: Stanislav. Shoot guy on left first (right is asleep) then shoot right.

Second mission: Tony. Shoot the little box connected to the wire to the upright of tony.

Third mission: Ernst. Shoot the guy walking around. (not brushing his teeth) with the hat.

Fourth mission: Athir. Let the guy in the white coat shoot the guy under the light.

Fifth mission: Anders. Shoot the black circle (head) in the second row, and from left to right the thirteenth window.

Sixth mission: Aace. Shoot in this order, up right, up left, down left, down right.

Seventh mission: Johan. Zoom right between the 2 people on the left and shoot the left one then the right. Then quickly kill the person to the far right before he kills you. Then, look in the background and shoot the person in she snowmobile in the head before he gets away.

Eighth mission: Mike. (Do quickly) Shoot the middle guy and quickly zoom between the far right people. Shoot left then right. Now kill the person to the right of the 2 ppl on the left of you screen. Now kill the sleeping guy styger recommended.

Clear Vision 3 Cheats and walkthrough gives you instant pass to difficult missions and you can tell us how you maneuver each stages in the comment area.

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