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Ambigram Generator with Examples

Ambigram is an artistic expression, unique for its multi-sided nature that makes it easy to read or decode from many sides and angles. There are lots of variations and examples of Ambigram, you can create one manually or using an Ambigram generator. However the various generators have different outputs and might not represent what you really want.

Some of the best Ambigram generator examples will be highlighted and you will be shown how to create yours manually. Usually Ambigrams are text based words, inverted or placed upside down to produce a unique art. It is fondly used as tattoo art, logo design or text fonts.

Ambigram generator can be a combination of phrases, words or sentences. It can be used as  a ring of expression in its complex state. Let go over this quickly, how is it done manually.

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An ambigram is a typographical creation that presents two or more separate words within the same physical space. With Ambimatic you can create ambigram typographical with easily. Only input two words that would be merged, and touch button Generate Ambigram very simple. You can rotate the ambigram result and also share to other friend.

Try and download it.

Steps to Generate Ambigram Manually.

1. Set out a layout plan for the letters.

2. Select appropriate fonts

3. Pair the letters and create a flow

4. Display

See some layout example below

Ambigram Examples

Sarah and Greg

Antique Dribbble


Number 27

Earth Water Fire and Air Ambigram by Radical Edward


Ambigrams by Kaori Nagata

Deep Guy

Ezra Erza Brand


Images taken down because the links are broken will restore them soon. Links to the original ambigram works fine.

It is funny that only experienced creative people can easily notice the concepts, well by saying creative if you can notice it then you are one.

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