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    How to Make Energy in Little Alchemy

    By on May 18, 2017

    Alchemy is the mix of properties to make a new form or substance. To create energy two or more elements is added to create a new element called energy.

    How to Make Energy in Little Alchemy

    Air + Fire = Energy E=mc²


    Plant + Sun = Energy E=mc²

    The preferred form of energy combination is the air plus fire combination while plant plus the sun also create energy too. This really is the alternate source of energy for man’s survival.

    Knowledge of chemistry, biology, and physics will go a long way in solving the riddles and puzzles of little alchemy.

    Mix Energy with the following elements to get this new results.

    Energy + Air = Wind
    Energy + Bicycle = Motorcycle
    Energy + Cloud = Storm
    Energy + Earth = Earthquake
    Energy + Explosion = Atomic Bomb
    Energy + Fruit = Sugar
    Energy + Human = Wizard
    Energy + Juice = Sugar
    Energy + Metal = Electricity
    Energy + Milk = Butter
    Energy + Sand = Sandstorm
    Energy + Snow = Avalanche
    Energy + Swamp = Life
    Energy + Sword = Lightsaber
    Energy + Volcano = Eruption + Ash
    Energy + Water = Steam
    Energy + Wind = Hurricane


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