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Vessyl – A smart and Intelligent cup for calorie dectection

Human capability to think and create is limitless, Vessyl is a product of creative and intelligent thinking. This product can track and knows everything you drink, that is if you really consume the content. I have personally found it difficult to use some products and apps, and I wonder if this product will not only appeal to me, but became useful and be a part of my life.

Image me holding a cup or having one in my carrier bag everywhere I go, just to track any liquid intake. It does have it flaws not because it is not well designed, but end users are quite diversified. I bet it will find its own place in the market and not on the shelf as souvenir.

Vessyl is beautifully crafted, with a nice slim body, perfect cover or lid. It syncs with your apps on your mobile phone and  also you to set goals and targets. It is touted to help prevent dehydration, beyond the 8 glasses of water theory I and many others are used to.

5 Reasons why you may need this spy Vessyl cup

1. Stay hydrated: I mentioned this earlier has one of the value you can get from using the vessyl intelligent cup, I had to understand what they meant by Prime Zone. According to them it is started that.

You heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day? Well, it’s not that simple. Truth is… we all have different hydration needs. Through Pryme, your Vessyl estimates, tracks and displays your real-time hydration needs. Your Pryme level rises and declines based on a variety of factors.

Point noted stay hydrated.

2. Know what you consume: Every liquid content inside the vessyl is dissected and the calorie noted, even when you mix beverages plus a pint of beer. It will tell. It knows if you have a coke or pepsi, a beer or soda. You know that this cup is the perfect liquid content spy.

3. Regulate you coffee intact: Help or prevent addiction to coffee, a balance is required in life. Vessyl will help you maintain that balance you require.

4. Sugar intact reduction: Sugar can be a friend and also an enemy, too much of it is not good for anyones health. Reducing and monitoring your sugar intact is also a prerequisite to healthy living.

5. Sleep management: Learn how to choose and time your beverage intake to get quality sleep. It turns out both hydration and caffeine intake can have powerful impacts on sleep. Your Vessyl will help you improve the timing of your fluid and caffeine intake. Live longer by sleeping better.

Something you should know about the Vessyl content trace

Vessyl has sophisticated sensors that can analyze the content at the molecular level. However, the focus of Mark One is to help people improve their nutrition, so at the moment, the sensors are not intended to detect trace contaminants. We do know that detecting contaminants is a serious concern for many, so we do have a long list of projects to tackle soon.

More on Vessyl Smart Cup

It is a result of a partnership between Mark One and Fuseproject, and designed by Yves Behar

– It is dishwasher safe

– It can connect to multiple device and multiple Vessyl Cups can connect to a mobile device

– It can be pre-ordered for $119 ( second shipment), though it will go for sale at Retail $199

– Can be used with or without a smart phone

– It requires a charger that will charge full for about 60 minutes.


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