Tips, tricks and rules to choosing a good domain name

Domain names can be tasking, while some may find it quite easy to choose or select, their are rules and tips to follow before you choose a domain name. The choice of domain name and how it purchased depends on your vertical or niche.

What is a domain a name

This is a unique website identifier, that makes the distinction between the various websites available. It is also the readable version of the sites numeric address.

domain name tips and tricks

Naming your website after your domain name:

The name of your website should be the same as the domain name. It is important you make it the same to avoid confusion and loss of traffic.

For illustration:

Domain A – www.http://www.mysiteisgood.com

Title of site – Car racing review

Vistors might remember the car racing review more and may search for car racing review, even if the result comes up with mysiteisgood.com, the visitor might be looking for carracingreview.com this might lead to other sites gaining your visitors.

In some instance – For small business:

Alberto Motor Racing and Track Company –

domain name – amrtc.com

This domain uses an abbreviation of the long company name, to make a clear distinction, it is advisable that the amrtc.com appears somewhere on the header of the website.

If you have a brand or business that is known with a particular name, you might find out that your domain name is already taken. How to you go about this challenge. If your are outside the US, you might consider your countries suffix. you may also add online, shop, intl, jointly with your preferred domain name.

However there is an expection:

In recent times, you may find domains with a different name from the blog, this might stem out as result of the purchase of an aged expired domain to gain search engine advantage. Subscribe to our newsletter to read more on this.


Use a unique domain name

Ensure you do not confuse you domain name with a popular domain, you domain name might hide under the shadows of the popular domain name. Hence the need to create a unique domain name. Off the hat, names like pricetag.com, bootngems.com, clarontea.com. Some established ones include: trafficgenerationcafe, dailywp, themeforest, copyblogger, technoratti, buyright.

It is important you know that the domain name you might want might have been taken up by someone or snapped by domain brokers. If you have a strong desire for such domain name you might consider checking the whois of the domain and contact the domain owner,if it is not listed for sale already.

To use .com, .net or .org

The first choice and the most preferred choice for any domain name is the .com, however for non profit, government and educational institution the use of .org, .gov and .edu can be used respectively. Aside from the specialized industry, for commercial use or blogging purpose, the .com remains the best choice any day. To outwit the existence of an already existing domain name, you may register a .co.uk or .com.au or any other preferred international prefix.

Keep it short and avoid long domains

How often do you remember domains with long names, the chance that you do not want to type out the domain is very high. Consider other visitors who also shares your thought, if they think that way you might be losing more visitors to your site.

There are cases where the domains are long for SEO purpose, the domain owner is relying on exact match domain name to draw organic traffic of new visitors to the site at the expense of returning visitors. There are successful long domain names such as smartpassiveincome.com, in some way it might yield a good result for bloggers.

This might not be the case with small business owners with long names. It is advisable you seek a balance.

Hyphen, numbers and dashes

If you focus on SEO or getting a domain name at all cost, an hyphen may be appropriate. But having more than one hyphen in a domain name might cause some errors. Visitors might type the domain name wrongly and eventually land on a blank site or competitors website.

There was a time niche site builders, abused the use of hyphen. They tried to gain SEO advantage with the use of hyphens, though it is still used and practiced till date. The result however cannot be guaranteed to bring success.

Downside to hypens , numbers and dashes is that you cannot get the real website address verbally. Except if it is written down to distinguish the addition of hyphens, numbers and dashes.

Your domain name should suggest what you do

With the exception of domain with the individuals or places name, your website should suggest to visitors what you do. The use of keywords that suggest what you do is good for domain name selection. dairyshop.com, carexporter.com, bestbuy.com, elance.com etc.

Avoid infringements and use plurals wisely

You are online does not mean you are not subject to the law that applies when you are offline. Use plurals wisely,  I have once found that some domain names perform poorly when it does include the plural. This is however tricky, as I said earlier if it can be avoided having conflicting names.

If you can afford it buy the plural and the .com, .net, .info, .biz and .org. This is to avoid sending traffic to your competitor, this might also result into a lawsuit where one party sues the order for infringing on their rights.

Some examples of domains that infringe on rights.

– amazoncards.com

– cokepromo.com


40% of a website or blogs success starts with the domain name, get it right the very first time. For bloggers who seek aged domain for SEO advantage.





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