Restore a recently closed tab in chrome, firefox and safari

You accidentally closed your browser tab again, or you closed it on purpose only to realize you are not through with the tab yet. This is a common occurrence when you surf the web, it makes you want to beat yourself especially after you have tried all you can to restore a recently closed tab.

Sometimes this mistake happen when you choose to minimize or maximize your browser only to find out that you accidentally closed your tab or browser instead.

Recovering a tab that was accidentally closed on your browser is possible. How then do your restore your tabs without losing what you were doing before the tab was closed. I will go through how to restore closed tab in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.recently closed tabs

To make it more expansive I will cover how to restore a recently closed tab on Chrome, Firefox and Safari for windows and mac operating system. It would have been easier if a simple undo tab button or menu option was available.

There is a limitation to how you can restore your recently closed tab if you are browsing in private or incognito mode you may not be able to recover your closed tabs.

How to open recently closed tab on Chrome

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T

To open on the Chrome browser tab.

Method 1: Right click on an open title bar.

Select Reopen closed tab

The last tab closed will reopen, if you repeat the process again the next tab closed will open and so on.

Method 2: Go to the menu.

To find the menu you will see 3 small horizontal bar below the close button.

If you are using the latest chrome browser select Recent tabs under select tabs you will see an option of tabs that was recently closed.

Pick the one that you choose to restore, in case you closed a browser with lots of tabs. You will see an option to restore the number of tabs last opened.

Method 3: Go to the menu

Select History

Pick the page you want to restore from the history.

If you have cleaned your history after closing the tab, this method and other methods will not work. If you close the browser before trying this method except method 2 and 3, the tab will not reopen. The browser must still be open for the shortcut and the title bar right-click to work.

How to Reopen closed Mozilla Firefox Tab

The process for reopening a closed Firefox tab is similar to the methods used by other browsers.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T

Method 2

Keyboard shortcut: Crtl+H

Or click on the History menu, then select between any of these three options.

  • Restore previous session
  • Restore recently closed tabs, you can also select restore all tabs if you have closed more than one tab.
  • Recently closed windows – to restore windows with tabs on it.

Method 3

Click on the menu shortcut tab below the close button. Select History and find the right tab you will like to reopen.

How to restore recently closed tab on Safari browser for Mac

On your Safari browser tab.

  1. Click on Edit

  2. Then click on Undo Close Tab

Click on history on Safari then select

Reopen Last Closed Window or All Windows from Last Session.

or simply try the keyboard shortcut

Press Command + Z

To restore recently closed Internet Explorer

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+T

You can ease the restoration by setting your IE browser to open from start with tabs from the last sessions.

On the IE browser tab.

Right click on any open tab and select Reopen closed tab or select Recently closed tabs and pick the right one among the list.

Browser developers are coming up with great ideas and concepts to make sure you can restore and recover your tabs. To restore a recently closed tab in any of the browser should not be difficult or scary any more.

If you are still experiencing any challenge share it below and let me help you.

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