Protecting your Linksys WiFi Router from remote hijack and takeover.

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Disaster may strike if by chance your WiFi router is hijacked or remotely taken over, the security concern should not be taken lightly. According to security experts who analysed some Linksys router, they are chances that your attackers might take advantage of some exploits on the Linksys router.

On the security blog, Superevr, he mentioned the five vulnerabilities the consumers should note, while it does not provide answers but suggested that buyers be weary of certain models.

It is important to note that CISCO has sold the Linksys brand to Belkin.

How to Protect your WiFi Router from remote hijack

  • Do not let unauthorized person touch or handle your network router
  • Do not reveal your passwords or authentication codes.
  • Avoid unsecured or open wifi network
  • Constantly update your device with the latest update.
  • Limit the coverage area of the WiFi router to your coverage area.
  • Set an encryption key and a strong password
  • Change your network SSID and make it invisible
  • Assign IP addresses to your device.
  • Do not click on phoney links.
  • Limit DHCP leases to your devices


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