Left 4 Dead 3 – Announced Release Date, Demo & Trailer

Left 4 Dead 3 can be described as a reloaded feature packed release from Turtle Rock Studios, they have since parted ways with Valve and now working  on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game Evolve.  In a recent interview with the co-creator Minh Le, he has seen a sneak peek of the creatives for Left 4 Dead 3, he was however reluctant to shed more insight on the key details.

Minh Le

. “It wouldn’t be any news if I said yes, I saw it. It looks great.”

“So I was really excited when I saw that. I was like, ‘Wow, this looks great.’ I really enjoyed Left 4 Dead,” he continued. “It was just one of those games that really changed the industry because I think at the time there weren’t too many good co-op games, so it was like, ‘Yeah, this is a great co-op game.'”

However from a reliable source, it seems the released date would soon be announced. The game would feature state of art effects, and additions to characters and more game levels. The development of games take more than two years to perfect and run smoothly. Eliminating all likely bugs.

left 4 dead 3

Release Date for Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3 is still in the works, it is believed it would be released, hopefully within the next 10 months. It seem that a new team is working on it, and might take them a while before that put the whole concept into a wonderful pierce.

What is Left 4 Dead 3 Like

The Left 4 Dead franchise is based on a series of cooperative first-person shooter, survival horror video games developed by Valve Corporation. Set in the days after a pandemic outbreak of a viral strain transforming the majority of the population into zombie-like feral creatures, the games follow the adventures of four survivors attempting to reach safe houses and military rescue while fending off the attacking hordes.

The games encourage cooperative play between up to four players, each taking the role of one of the survivor characters and the computer controlling any unassigned characters. Players use a combination of melee weapons, firearms, and thrown objects to fend off attacks from the bulk of the infected creatures, while using an assortment of healing items to keep their group alive. Certain unique infected creatures pose a more difficult challenge, typically requiring teamwork to take down effectively. The games are overseen by an “AI Director”, designed to give the players a more dramatic experience based on their performance, penalizing players for stalling while rewarding players with special weapons by taking longer or riskier paths. The Director also makes gameplay dynamic, meaning that no two playthroughs are quite the same.

Left 4 Dead 2: was released a year later in November 2009. Valve attributed the short turnaround between the titles as a result of having many ideas to expand on the first game, but more than could be reasonably done through software patching or downloadable content. The fast turnaround of the sequel was initially criticized by many players of the first game, leading to a temporary effort to boycott the second game. Valve helped to placate matters, demonstrating that it was still developing content for the first game, including a crossover campaign, “The Passing”, between the characters of both games.

Left 4 Dead 3 Trailer

The trailer is not officially out yet, once it is announced we would have it posted here.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the History insert.


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