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Best Way to Learn Spanish – Mejor Manera de Aprender Español

Spanish Language is the second most spoken language in the world after the Chinese Mandarin, it is really an incredible language. More people are attempting to learn how to speak Spanish in the best possible way. This piece is written to help you find the best way to learn Spanish, though speaking fluently depends on certain factors which we would be looking at. However, it is important to note that it all begins with you and your wiliness to learn and speak.

You need to learn Spanish if you are a Diplomat, Doctor, Caregiver, Missionary, Consultant and Musician. The Spanish Language is one of the easiest language to learn, English speakers find it easier because of its similarities in structure.

Are had tried learning Spanish before, or learning new language is a hassle for you. We will explore together the best way to learn the Spanish Language.

5 Best Mode of Instruction and Learning of the Spanish Language

Online Resources

There are quite a number of websites providing Spanish lessons online with different methods. They are either free or paid services, they provide audio, and other learning aids that help with the learning.

Instructional Audio CDs

Get instructional audio program, that will help you learn Spanish on time, the CDs provides laser focus education and lessons tailored to teach in the most simple way and also cost effective.

Local Language group

It is easier to learn in a community of other learners, meeting at regular intervals and conversing in Spanish will help learn faster.

Native speakers

Living among native speakers can help you learn Spanish faster, countries have different dialects.

Get a Personal Tutor

Get a personal teacher to teach you from the basic language to more be an advanced speaker, you will have immediate feedback, proper pronunciation and also the one on one interaction.

Tips to Learning Spanish Language

PatienceIs a virtue and is required when learning a new language, for every little progress you make, ensure you celebrate it. There are times you will feel stuck, regain hope by looking at what makes can make you gain traction.

Master the BasicsStart with the basic alphabet, then progress to word recognition, after the word recognition learn phrases and sentences. This also includes the number count, memorize simple vocabulary.

Get Spanish English Dictionary: This will help you translate words and phrases, online dictionary and translation website has become popular with learners. Though a lot of practice is required it is advised that you start small with everyday words.

Other tips include:

  • switch your phone and computer to Spanish
  • listen to Spanish radio and music in the background
  • make a Spanish news site your homepage
  • follow Spanish speakers on Twitter or other social media
  • Seek for free resources online.
  • Find Spanish Language Podcast on iTunes etc.
  • Learn to write as well, it makes it stick.


Learn Spanish on your Mobile App : Duolingo

Click on any other the titles below to learn Spanish.











Learning a new language is fun, surely you will find this tip useful in your journey to learn Spanish. This is the best Way to Learn Spanish – Mejor Manera de Aprender Español

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