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Kik Usernames – Find friends, famous people and suggestion

Kik is no doubt one of the largest messaging app, it has over 200 million users. Kik sign in requires a username for new users the challenge is choosing a unique username that has not been taken, old users sometimes want to change their usernames.

The most common issues with Kik usernames

  • To add users you need the username
  • Username change might be necessary due several issues as determined by the users.
  • It seems all usernames are taken by early kik users, finding an available username may be hectic if you do not know the trick.
  • Random spammers who find your usernames easily, may be annoying. Blocking them is an immediate solution.
  • Locating someone around your area may difficult.
  • Your username may be a target for sexual attack or predator. Choosing a non suggestive username should take care of this.

kik usernames

To sign up for  a new Kik Account

There are three critical things that will help you sign up successfully on Kik, the process requires you fulfill some requirements before you can successfully sign up for a new Kik account.

  1. Your age as at the time of registering is very important, if you are considered too young you would not be accepted. If you lie about your age then you are liable, you have broken the law.
  2. Internet connection is required to connect to Kik, you can connect over the internet on mobile phones, tablets and PC.
  3. A unique username that is not in use by any Kik user.

To sign up for Kik you need to go to your mobile store, for ios devices go to the apple store and for android OS go to the Google play store, for windows PC and Mac OSX download Kik for PC. Other Mobile have their own OS stores visit to search for Kik and download.

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Once the download is complete install and run the Kik application on your device, now it is time to sign up to Kik.

The main screen of Kik has two instructions – Sign in and Create new account. Existing users can sign in with their Kik usernames while new user can create a new Kik account.

To create a new account, you will need to give personal information which includes your name, age, username an d password.  Select a picture from your gallery or snap on with your device’s camera, after you can move to close the registration process.

Existing users can sign in with their usernames and passwords.

There are fake users and trolls on Kik, be careful and do not let out too much to a stranger.

Changing your Kik Username

If you feel compromised with your current username or do not like the username again, changing it might just be the right thing to do. You must abstain from suggestive and offensive usernames, this might put you in a compromising situation.

In reality the username cannot be changed, you will still have to use it to login to your Kik account, however you can change your alias or display name to be something other than your username. So how do you change your display name.

To change your Kik display name:

  1. Tap the Kik icon, the tap the setting icon on the page that follows.
  2. In the setting page, tap the your account.
  3. The username cannot be edited, but you can edit your name. Once you edit and press Ok you have successfully changed your display name.

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To force change your Kik username

There is only one option, delete your Kik account and start another one afresh. How do you go about doing that, follow the instructions below.

  1. Write out the usernames of the friends you would like to keep, brainstorm on the Kik username you would like to use.
  2. Tap on the Kik Account, then tap on the settings icon beside the balloon.
  3. Tap on your account and select reset Kik messenger.
  4. An email will be sent to you, follow the link to completely delete the Kik messenger on your device.
  5. Then start the process of registering a new Kik account, I have covered that earlier. This time choose your username wisely. Use a different email address for the new Kik account.

Kik username suggestions for boys and girls.

To select the best usernames you can use spinxo .com, I have generated some username below:

  • 2coolor
  • 2cuteplan
  • Adeyoutn
  • Aleunist
  • AngelKhadDeluxe
  • Buzzlitype
  • Cavemetr
  • CentUpdateskik usernames
  • Columnexho
  • CrazyJoy
  • DipityMs
  • Dityrade
  • Dreampumast
  • Easyrennte
  • Ecthydr
  • Enestuel
  • EyeMissing
  • Gumelogy
  • Intertta
  • KnightNaybor
  • LatinaFunky
  • Laugherie
  • Livestband
  • Nathievera
  • Newsontoty
  • OneWwjdPress
  • ParkGriffon
  • PattyHigh
  • Positivell
  • Purgaryst

There are also other numerous username search engines for Kik users. You can use anyone of them to search for your friends on Kik.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the history of Kik Messenger.

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