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iPhone Airplane Mode – All you need to know

The iPhone airplane mode is a feature that disables the wireless features of your iPhone, even your iPad tablet and iPod. It is designed to be in compliance with air travel regulations, however it can also be enabled in different circumstances. The airplane mode is ideal whenever you need to conserve you phone battery.

iphone airplane mode

On most devices the following features are disabled while on airplane mode.

  • Cellular (voice and data)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Location services

You can however re-enable your Bluetooth and wi-fi if the airline permits it. to activate while on Airplane mode.

  • Wi-Fi: While airplane mode is on, tap Settings > WI-Fi, then turn WI-Fi on and choose a WI-Fi network.
  • Bluetooth: While airplane mode is on, tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn Bluetooth on.

Reasons to enable the Airplane Mode on iPhone

To avoid interference with the airplanes communication system, this can cause loss of communication between the control tower and the plane. It is always advised by all airlines that their passengers switch of their mobile phones and all communication system. Depending on the airline, you may be allowed to re-enable the WiFi or Bluetooth and connect to the plans facility.

Conserve you mobile battery, cellular service require a huge chunk of power to search for the network and also keep the phone connection ready. To save power on you iPhone, activating the airplane mode especially when you do not need to be connected to the network. Though your iPhone on airplane mode helps you charge  a little bit faster, it has a little differential when compared to charging when the power and the full feature is enabled.

For alone time or focus time, activating the airplane mode will make you unavailable and it is ideal if you want to avoid all the noise and distraction of the day. You can also activate so that the kids can play games with the phone, this will prevent accidental dial or answering of calls.

For international travelers your phone might connect to the local network and make you iPhone receive emails and wireless services you do not plan for, to prevent this from happening. Activate the airplane mode, and before leaving home; ensure you freeze your plan until your return to prevent avoidable charges. Roaming usually attracts a high bill, avoid this bills by enabling the airplane mode on your iPhone.

On airplane mode, you will have access to other functions on your iPhone, the functions include reading your e-book or journals, playing games, review received mails, keeping notes and music.

iPhone Airplane Mode is designed for safety and ensuring you have a considerable control on the ability to prevent calls but have access to the phone feature.

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