Ipad charger says not working on PC and USB

If you use your iPad often then you know how important it is to have it charge often, when your iPad charger says not working on PC or USB it throws you off-balance.

These days we are used to our communication gadgets, and if it is not charging that disconnects us from the grid, till the device is charged. There are so many reasons why your iPad charger may not be working on your PC.

You need to know that the not charging sign appears mostly when the current entering the iPad is lower than the specified current. or if you are using a faulty charger or cable.

Most times when you use a USB cable to charge your iPad you will see the not charging sign on the battery, if you choose to ignore it for a long time, you will notice a charge in the battery percentage.

If the battery is very low it may decrease the discharge rate as the battery rates drop. This is one of the many reasons why iPad charger says not working on PC.

Officially you can charge your iPad using any of these two methods:

  1. Use the official cable and charger for iPad, it has it own specification and it is different from some iPhone charger. Using an iPhone charger may show you not charging on your iPad.
  2. Connect to a USB port using the cables that accompanies the iPad, if the USB 2.0 port is not powerful enough to deliver the required current you will see the not charging sign also.

iPad charger says not working on PC

Charger adapter compatibility with iPad and iPad mini

  • Apple 12w USB power adaptor works well with all iPad and iPad mini models.
  • Apple 10w USB power adaptor works well with iPad 3G and earlier model while all iPad mini models are supported.
  • All iPad mini models work well with Apple 5w USB power adaptor.

So if you are using an iPhone charger with 10w your iPad 4G and above would not work well on your device.

Reasons why iPad charger says not working on PC

  1. As explained earlier you may need to ignore the warning sign, though your device would charge slowly. This is relevant for you if you are using a 10w power adapter when you ought to be using a 12w power adaptor.

iPad 4G models and above would need a 12w adaptor, a lower watt would prompt not working.

  1. Check the cable for cut and test the adapter on another device or system. If the cable has a cut it may prevent the iPad from charging properly. If connected to the wall check if the adapter is working properly on another device if not, a change is needed.
  2. Check for dust, rust, blockage and debris on the connector and connector pin. If any of this happens you will have to blow or clean it up, if it is still showing the sign after replacement consider changing the adaptor.
  3. Force restart solves a lot of issue with Apple devices, while the charging is taking place force restart your iPad by pressing Home button and Power button together and don’t release them until you see an Apple logo.
  4. You need to connect to a USB 2.0 port or higher to charge your iPad with your PC, anything short of that will show you not charging. Most PC have a 2.0 and 1.0 port. Check the manual to find which one is the 2.0 USB port.

For best result on why iPad charger says not working on PC and USB, check the power adaptor compatibility above. Secondly check the cable or test another cable on your iPad.

If all does not work, visit the nearing Apple store for a fix. I will suggest you stay away from software solutions that might cause further harm to your device.

If your iPad charger says not working on PC and USB, give feedback if the solution above works for you. If not, share your challenges in the comment area for help.

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